Solyndra & Green Energy–Why Aren’t We Using Our Existing Energy Labs? Politics Anyone?

We have been bombarded with horror stories about Solyndra and other “green energy” companies that our government has wasted billions on trying to crate an energy source that is not ready for prime time, at least in terms of replacing fossil fuels.  Obama may “wish” for his green energy to replace fossil fuels but in my lifetime this is simply not feasible.  This is especially true when the left has removed nuclear as an option in the arsenal to replace fossil fuels.

But, no one is asking; “Why we aren’t we tasking our existing “pure science” labs, Lawrence Livermore, the Jet Propulsion Lab, and the Los Alamos Lab, to apply some of the best minds we have on this earth to develop solar or other technologies that may prove productive in the quest to eventually replace fossil fuels?” 

After all, it was JPL who took the original work on solar energy that started back in the 1860’s, then was refined by Bell Labs and others in the 1950’s, and created modern solar power sources for satellites using Space Based Solar Power.  It is the Lawrence Livermore Lab who developed the latest energy creation invention using laser technology (NIF, National Ignition Facility).  All of these labs have demonstrated capabilities to delve into pure science endeavors and create out of the box solutions.

Why are we giving billions away trying to force feed a technology that is not ready for prime time.  Politics.  The left’s drive to eliminate fossil fuels from the face of this earth depends on selling the world on green energy.  But, if they want any chance to succeed, they should look inward and turn our own labs free to work on developing new energy sources that may or may not include solar.  This is a typical government response to a problem.  Develop the answer than hope for a solution.  Maybe our HOPE should CHANGE into utilizing the best resources we have at our fingertips, our own labs.  BTW, the labs are “managed” (poorly) by the Department of Energy who is giving way billions in grants and loans and who made the deal with Solyndra…In spite of the DOE involvement, the labs manage to createsome incredible solutions…

RD Pierini


One thought on “Solyndra & Green Energy–Why Aren’t We Using Our Existing Energy Labs? Politics Anyone?”

  1. I will tell you why, nobody is accountable in government. When you are corrupt and at the top of the food chain then you can do what you want. Morality is relative with government. They live above the rest of us. They have benefits and privileges that none of the private sector can get. They don’t live by the laws and rules the rest of us live by. There is no risk/reward in government. They steal via the IRS, they lie, they plead the fifth, they cover up, they obstruct. Nobody is willing to squeal as they are all in on it. Government is padding their own pockets through their phony projects. They hide behind the facade of a bureaucratic elite. If government had any courage they would defund all these agencies and get back to their Constitutional principles. When you are out to destroy America and have no ethics you have no conscience about what is right or wrong. Pathetic but true.

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