Greta Van Susteren-Tucker Carlson-The Winner-Violence Against Women

Last Friday, Jeff Poor posted an article in The Daily Caller that “featured” lowlights of an interview of Mike Tyson by ESPN’s Las Vegas affiliate radio station.

The article quickly created a heated rift between two of my favorite TV pundits, Greta Van Susteren of Fox News and Tucker Carlson of The Daily Caller.  This is unfortunate as both of these individuals are extremely bright and should have been able to frame the subject of the article in a much more intelligent and coherent discussion of the increasing violence against women throughout the world.

  The subject was centered around the latest character assassination attempt of Sarah Palin by the Left’s Joe McGinnis in his derogatory book about Palin and her family.  I won’t bother to even mention the name of the book.  During that interview, Tyson drug up and explicitly stated practically every bigoted, Black, and sexually violent comment a Black man could spew regarding a sexual encounter with a White woman.  The comments were vile, they were repugnant, but unfortunately, as a prior professional athlete, it was not the first time I had heard them from athletes of all races.  Tyson’s comments most pointedly affirm Tyson’s lack of remorse and rehabilitation as a rapist and a violator of women. 

Greta’s View:  The rift between Greta and Tucker centered abound Greta’s view that the content of the article itself was such that it should not have been printed.  That the article did not further the cause of eliminating violence against women nor make any case against violence against women.  Greta seemed to feel that the article was merely a shock piece to attract attention to The Daily Caller and not to help to eliminate violence against women.  Greta, this is what I took away from your shows on this topic as well as your GretaWire posts.  Greta thought that the fact that Tucker 16 hours later posted an editor’s note at the front of Jeff’s article was an admission that the article was over the top and should not have been posted in the first place.

Tucker’s View:  Tucker defended the article as a piece that was intended to show the abject sexual deviance that exists that fosters violence against women and that this pro violence position was being promoted by ESPN itself for airing this trash and certainly abetted by athletes like Tyson who very convincingly believe in viewing women as purely sexual objects worthy of little or no regard.  Tucker did post an Editor’s comment at the front of the article some 16 hours after the original posting of the article in order to warn the readers of the vile and graphic nature of the article.

As a sideline observer of two people I admire, I wish you both would have taken this off of the air and discussed this before you heatedly debated the article in front of the camera.  Because, the end result was that the real issue, violence against women, especially racially charged violence against women, was lost and we moved the topic no further ahead in our public discourse.  I do think that the public needs to know that there are men out there like Tyson who view women as objects and talk exactly the way Tyson did on the air.  Worse, yet, some of our athletes today, who we would like to act like role models for our kids, think, act and talk the same way Tyson did.   The inherent racism, hatred of women, and disregard for common human decency needs to be aired out.  These words were said, they were written, but unfortunately the solutions for eliminating violence against women was lost in a sea of verbal bantering over the first amendment rights of journalists versus journalistic restraint.  Ignoring problems does not make them go away nor does soft peddling the true ugly truths that infect our society lessen the hurt they inflict on their victims.

Greta and Tucker.  We hope that you work this out and perhaps agree to jointly host a frank discussion of violence against women and the societal causal factors that feed into to it, please exclude all PC rhetoric.  You can bet that when a man spews the vile and filth that Tyson did on the radio, he does the same when addressing youth groups and other impressionable groups and this only serves to perpetuate the violence.  Just listen to the violence against women that is prevalent in rap music today.  This topic deserves all of us to use our best efforts to address the cure.

RD Pierini

PS:  This will also be posted on GretaWire as a comment.


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