Obama’s Deception Knows No Bounds–Everyone Will Be Getting the Shaft From His New “Revenue” Increases

Before I start on the meat of the article, let me remind you of a quote from OBAMA in August of 2009.  For my liberal followers, here is the link so you can actually watch your leader’s lips move.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aufAtuTwKlE&feature=player_embedded

Obama Said:

  • “You do not raise taxes in the middle of a recession…”
  • “We have not proposed any tax hikes on the wealthy that would take effect during the recession…”

Now he is proposing a $1,500,000,000,000 (trillion) Tax Increase in the Middle of the Recession!

It is unfortunate that we now live in a country where no one can rely on our President to tell them the truth about anything.  As a former Community Organizer,  he is so used to spinning sound bites out of falsehoods and half-truths he can’t distinguish truth from fiction any longer.  What is even worse, he appears to believe his own rhetoric and spin.  The latest is his $1.5 Trillion Tax Increases that are supposed to just make the rich pay their fair share.  What a crock!

Here is what and who will be paying, and you are included in these:

  • Bush Tax Cuts would expire for the “Weathly”:  This is a job killer extraordinaire!  This will hit every small business in the country and drive investments even faster overseas.
  • Increased Mortgage Fees:  You will pay on average $15.00 per month for your mortgage to cover an increase in the surcharge by Fannie and Freddie to guarantee your loan to the bank!  You are betting against yourself! 
  • Airport Security fees are being doubled from $5.00 to $10.00 until 2017 then the fees will go up to $15.00.  Why don’t we re-privatize this function and see if competition can drive this cost down.  OOPS, I forgot, Obama needs Cash.
  • Corporate Jet Fee $100 per trip:  Obama will grab an extra $100 per flight from Corporate Jet travelers.  This will reduce the number of flights taken and will help to lay off more corporate pilots.
  • Military Charged $200 for Turning 65:  When a retired military person reaches the age of 65, they have to pay a new $200 fee to have the government pay their out-of-pocket Medicare Expenses and they will have to more, whatever that means, for generic medications.  Have you heard Obama speak in this new perk for those who have risked their lives for this country, and him?
  • Increased Medicare Fees from “wealthier” Medicare Recipients:  Even though all of us have paid into Medicare, they will start means testing those benefits and charge those who Obama feels can afford it more for medicare.  Even the “POOR” on Social Security now have to continue to pay for a portion of their medicare costs in the form of a deduction from their Social Security checks.  So, while Obama is reducing FICA taxes to wage earners today, those who have paid in to social security and medicare for the past 45 years are getting soaked more…  Where is AARP?  AMAC is fighting this even if AARP is not.
  • Medicare Costs to Recipients to Increase Dramatically:  Starting in 2017, the plan would significantly increase what many seniors pay for premiums, co-payments and deductibles.
  • Millionaires are now those who make over $200,000:  The new millionaire and billionaire tax starts with those who make $200,000.  If you live in California, New York, Florida or another high cost of living state this will include you.

There is more coming at you but the point is that all you hear from Obama is Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.  He should be saying Taxes, Taxes, Taxes!  His insane tax increases will drive this country into a full-blown Depression even if it is not headed there today.  As Obama stated above in our opening in August of 2009, YOU DON’T RAISE TAXES DURING A RECESSION.  How about STOP SPENDING!  How about NOT CREATING A NEW STIMULUS TO REWARD THE UNIONS FOR THEIR UNDYING CASH SUPPORT FOR YOU THAT WE PROVIDED TO THEM! 

It is time to stand up the Community-Organizer In Chief and say enough is enough.  Let’s get back to the economics of President Kennedy and President Reagan and cut taxes, cut regulations, increase domestic energy production and limit lawsuits.  We know how to get this country moving again, just get the hell our of our way!

RD Pierini






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