Obama, The First Black President is Silent on Black Youth Uprisings Across the US

Everyone hoped that the election of Barack Obama would remove any lingering racial bias in the United States and usher in a new age of bilateral tolerance, White to Black, and Black to White.  But this summer is underscoring the failure of his historic election to create the racial unity envisioned by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr..  Black youths in several US cities are attacking, mugging or harassing caucasian and other non black citizens using high tech flash mob tactics.  Some of those cities include:

  • St Louis
  • Kansas City
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington DC
  • Minneapolis
  • Milwaukee

How far is the President going to let this go before he speaks out?  Is it the fault of black youths that they feel that it is ok for them to act out?  I would ask the President to listen to his comments where he pits one American against another time and time again.  His Presidential rhetoric sounds more like a community organizer than a President.  The office of the President is the highest position of moral authority in the US and this is especially true when you have a Black President being the moral authority for the Black segment of our society. 

The Democrats and the “Black Leadership” should also dial back their use of the race card and start helping our Black communities to get back to work.  The Democrats and the “Black Leadership” should also re-institute vouchers in DC schools that were succeeding in providing for better educations for DC’s poorer Black disadvantaged youths.  Then expand vouchers to all American Cities.  You should represent your constituents’ interests first, over and above the public sector teacher’s unions.  The Democrats and the “Black Leadership” should also stop demagoguing or current economic depression.  Black unemployment is almost double that of whites and Black youth unemployment is approaching 50%.

We can only hope that the President, the Democrat Party, and the “Black Leadership” will stop treating the Black community as an indentured voting block.  This community deserves to be treated better.  Stop fostering single parent homes with your welfare programs; stop holding Black youths in perpetual ignorance by forcing them to attend sub-par public schools; stop telling the community that everyone is against them and you are the only salvation for them; they can stand on their own two feet and become the equal citizens that Dr. King envisioned ON THEIR OWN.  I hope the Black community will stand up for themselves and demand more from the politicians they elect and the so-called “Black Leaders” who seek their support.  You and your children deserve better and the future is in your hands…

RD Pierini



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