The Failure of Black Leadership is Failing the Black Community

     I received a half true email story this morning about Sheila Jackson Lee and another of her classic statements.  This one was framed around the naming of hurricanes.  Some would tag the story as a form of racism; others as a characature of today’s black leadership; and others as an indictment of the lack of sound public discourse in today’s society.  The Congresswomen said in 2003 that “All racial groups should be represented,” when naming hurricanes.  Okay, we can do that.  Personally I would not like a hurricane named after me as I do not perceive hurricanes as being necessarily a good thing, especially if there was a loss of life assocated with the storm.  The point is that many of today’s Black Leaders and elected officials see and frame everything in terms of race in order to protect their power base of Black voters.  It is the worst form of racial manipulation there is.  While racism does exist today, it is much less prevelent than it was even in 1964 when the Civil Rights Act was passed by a majority of Congressional Republicans voting for the act and a minority of Congressional Democrats voting for the act.  Racisim or some form of discrimination exists in all cultures and it seems to be inherent, unfortunately, in the human condition;  people seem to need to feel superior to someone else for their own self agrandisement. 

     I would venture to guess today that most of our Black Citizens, (I even hate to even isolate them as a group as it is somewhat of a confirmation on my part that Black Citizens should be grouped and thought of as “different” from the rest of the United State’s populace), would feel that the current Economic Depression that this nation is experiencing and that lack of jobs and advancement opportunities is a whole lot more important than any other issue facing them, and the rest of us, today. 

     The Black Community has been hit hard by the Depression with 16.7% of Black Americans out of work (September 2nd, 2011). (Black men = 19.1% and Black women = 14.5%)  This does not count those who gave up and are not even looking for work.  The actual Black unemployment number is probably closer to 30%.  Black youth fares even worse coming in at around 50%.  One of the saddest biased commentaries I have read on the cause of the high numbers for unemployed Blacks was made by Algernon Auston of the Economic Policy Institute when he said, “…So I do think the fact of racial discrimination in the labor market continues to play a role.” (in Black Unemployment).  Latinos, in the same period where Blacks hit 16.7% unemployment, suffered a rate of 11.3% and white 9.1%.  Why aren’t Latinos closer to 17% if race is a factor?  Why aren’t Asians close to 17% of race is a factor?  Why aren’t whites at 0% if race really is a factor?

     While the White and Black Political Progressives have to follow the teachings of their mesiah. Saul Alinski, in seeking to create “boggy men” and targets to blame all of our ills, it is at the same time a FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP.  Speaking to these political leaders, it is easy for you to focus blame on someone else rather than doing your jobs and seeking real solutions.  It is easy to use the ghosts and shaddows of racism to incite fear, anger, and even hatred of one group against another in order to keep the focus off of your failures as an elected official.  it is easier to blame others rather that do the hard job of governance and make the tough decisions that may or may not make you popular in the short term but provide true benefits to your constituents.

     The real issues facing the Black, and to a similar degree the Latino Community, are not based in racism but a lack of resolve by Black Leadership to provide true equal opportunity to their constituents.  You need to ask youself what the motiviation is for the Black Leadership and elected officials to adopt and champion the following causes:

  • Undying support for the Teachers Unions in the fight against School Vouchers and the expansion of Charter Schools that could provide their children with an equal opportunity to obtain a solid education that can catapult them out of poverty and the inner cities.  Education is the foundation to finding a good entry level job and securing advancement in an individual’s career.  Locking minorities into inner city, failed, public schools is the polar opposite of caring for our children.  When we force young people into failed schools, we have all but guaranteed that those children will remain impoverished throughout their lives or worse turn to a life of crime.
  • Undying support for unfettered illegal immigration that is forcing US citizens to compete against illegal immigrants for jobs and the chance to help themselves out of the downward spiraling into poverty and dispair.  Instead, the Left and the media constantly sell to us that US citizens, White, Black, Hispanic or Asian, will not do the jobs that Illegal Aliens will do.  This is not based on factual data but they garner support from employers who would rather hire illigals that they can illegally manipulate, underpay, or thwart overtime laws to lower their own costs.  How about trying to see if our citizens would rather work than be forced onto public assistance. 
  • Undying support for social programs that enslave the recipients to generations of poverty, hopelessness, and unending dispair.  Why do they support programs that force fathers out of homes so the mothers can receive public assistance?  Why do they support programs that have created generations of young girls who believe that having children when in middle or high school is a “career path” to insure that they receive maximum government benefits when they leave school?  Why do they not support programs that would lower teen pregnancy and promote family values that would help lift young people out of the viscious cycles of poverty?
  • Undying support for unsustainable “affordable housing” programs that led to the Sub-Prime Mortgage crisis that impoverished many, many Black, and many other non Black, citizens, and wiped out even the small economic equity Black families had before securing loans that were in default before the ink dried on the contracts.  Why did they support the fat cats on Wall Street, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the big banks and mortgage companies in creating “home ownership” programs that basically stole what little savings Black and other Non Black families had?  Where was their outcry when thousands of their constitutents were being forced out of their homes due to foreclosure? 
  • Undying support for race based rhetoric that alienates other non Blacks who targeted by these attacks who are not racially motivated one way or another.  This has the effect of alienating many who have and would support “Black” causes and turn them off completely.  We need people solutions and rhetoric, not White, Black, Hispanic or Asian rhetoric or solutions.  We are the UNITED States of America.  We need to start acting like it!

    The timing of receiving this Sheila Jackson Lee story came in the wake of comments from Black Caucus member like; 

  • Maxine Waters, “…the Tea Party can go straight to hell”;
  • Andre Carson,  “…some of them in Congress right now of this tea party movement would love to see you and me … hanging on a tree.”; 
  • Alcee Hastings:  Hasting spoke on how the Tea Party was redirecting thye Republican Party’s agenda and said of it, ‘…all of us know racism’.  
  • Frederica Wilson:  “Let us all remember who the real enemy is… the real enemy is the Tea Party… the Tea Party holds the Congress hostage.” 
  • Sheila Jackson Lee:  “Martin King wrote in 1961 about love, war and civil disobedience and he said we must be determined to resist reactionaries… My friends, you are now entering a reactionary period probably worse than post-Reconstruction.” 

Representative Lee’s comments only served to focus my thoughts on the fact the the Black Caucus and Black Leaders only sees issues in terms of Black vs White.  The comments by the members of the Black Caucus served to underscore their efforts to focus hate, animosity, and blame to the Tea Party movement and its members.  Why the Tea Party?  Saul Alinski has taught the Progressive Left that they have to create an enemy, focus their attacks on that enemy, and blame every ill there is on the enemy.  What they fail to understand is that the Tea Party movement is determined to save America for all Americans, Black, White, Hispanic or any other member of our society.  It is not an ethnic movement, it is a freedom movement.  One would think that Black Leaders could get behind a Freedom Movement!

     The Black Caucus seems to be convinced that their Black constituents would not vote for them any longer if they actually tried to pursue policies that would help their constituents.  They use the federal government, the unions, and causes that are contrary to well being of their Black constituents to corral their constituents into what they hope to be a monolithic voting block.  One can only hope that all Americans, regardless of race, can step back and see that our current path is self-destructive and will lead to the total collapse of this nation.  The use of Racism will only serve to exascerbate the issues and detract from finding true solutions.  The use of Racism will destroy the very Freedoms so many, including African-Americans, have fought and died for since our founding…

Some day maybe Martin Luther King Jr. dreams can be realized. 

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”

“I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made straight and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together. ”

RD Pierini


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