Boehner Beware–Ignore Obama Redux or Face the Consequences

Obama’s Jobs speech was nothing new and a mirror image of his failed Stimulous Packages of 2009-2011 (yes, there were more than one!).  Teacher’s Unions will get their pensions bailed out; AFL-CIO Operating Engineers will get their construction grants; Social Security Trust Fund will continued to be robed by even more lowering of the FICA taxes; and more universities and colleges will receive grants to study monkey’s rear ends or whatever they do.  And, the unions can kick back more deficit bucks to the Obama Re-Election Campaign 2012!   

What will not happen is any action to stimulate the economy by providing real private sector growth by:

  1. Eliminating capital gains taxes
  2. Lowering corporate taxes to 15% or below and eliminate any tax deductions that do not apply to all businesses.
  3. Creating a flatter and fairer individual tax system where everyone contributes something and the overall rates are reduced significantly.
  4. Eliminating all regulations that hinder energy exploration and energy production back to 2000 levels.
  5. Eliminating all regulations on business back to 2000 levels.
  6. Cap product liability suits to $500,000 per injured party.
  7. Eliminate Obamacare.

Mr. Speaker, we are not looking for “compromise” with Obama and his Progressive Agenda.  You can’t compromise with a socialist.  You can’t be half a capitalist.  They can’t be half a Socialist.  You can’t be half dead!

You either support free enterprise and small government or you don’t.  Your seat is up in 2012 and if you do happen to win you will have to be voted on as Speaker.  I have no doubt the Tea Party supported candidates will win back majorities in both the House and now the Senate but your Speakership is not certain.  If you and Cantor sell out again, there will be a whole lot of us non residents of Ohio rallying against you next year in Ohio.  If you do win re-election, we will be lobbying for a new Speaker…

RD Pierini


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