Obama & Econ Advisors Continue to Blame Everything and Everyone Else

“Goolsbee: Outside Factors Marred US Economic Recovery”

    On Sean Hannity’s show this week, former White House economic adviser Austan Goolsbee continued to blame everything but the Obama Administration for every single financial problem this country, and indeed the globe, is facing.  This administration keeps harping on “external influences” that impact the economy, unless they invoke the other favor Bush Blame.  Earth to Obama, EXTERNAL INFLUENCES ARE ALWAYS WHAT IMPACT OUR ECONOMY, GOOD OR BAD. 

     Bush had a recession that started in the last 9 months of the Clinton Administration; then 9/11 and the resulting physical and mental rebuilding of our country; the war in Afghanistan; the war in Iraq, (both of which were overwhelming supported by Democrats and their sweetheart United Nations); Hurricane Katrina the sub-prime meltdown that was caused by Presidents and Congresses, from both parties, over the past 40 years.  There will always be external influences on our economy but IT IS HOW A PRESIDENT REACTS TO THOSE INFLUENCES THAT WILL DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT THE NATION WILL ONCE AGAIN PROSPER AND HOW SOON. 

Leadership is not Looking for Excuses, but is focusing on the problems;

Formulating a plan; selling the plan to the American People and Congress;

implementing the plan;

Then monitor the execution of the plan and its impact on the problems. 

Goolsbee on Hannity’s program continued to parrot the blame someone/something else mantra of the Obama Administration.  Some of his points were:

  • High Gas Prices:  “The price of gas shooting up to $4 a gallon affected everybody,…  It happened at the end of the Bush years…”
    • When Obama was sworn in January, 2009, gas prices averaged $1.61.  Today they average $3.62.  Bush successfully fought off a rise in oil/gas prices and was able to get them down to $1.61 in less than 6 months with effective public energy policy.
  • Blames Financial Crisis:  “and then proceeded the worst financial crisis in all of our lifetime. So, we face a downturn where we lose a significant number of jobs, seven, eight, pushing up to nine million in the downturn…”
    • The financial crisis was precipitated by the Sub-Prime fiasco that was brought on by community organizers, including Obama, forcing politicians to make banks loan to unqualified applicants.  Obama and the Democrats fought Bush in 2001, 2003 and 2005 when he tried to stop the Sub-Prime crisis from happening.  Bush did not do enough but Obama and his party are squarely in the blame crosshairs for this one.
  • Bush’s Economic Downturn:  “…when the president takes office, we are in the midst of what is now recognized as the worst downturn since we have had data in the 1940s.”
    • The downturn will be known as the Depression of 2008 and was precipitated by overspending and the sub-prime crisis.
  • Deficits:  “Before [Obama] even became the president, when all we had were the Bush policies, the Congressional Budget Office said, we’re going to have $1.3 trillion a year deficits based on just how the economy is doing.  That was without any policies from President Obama.”
    • The CBO projections on Bush did not come to close fruition..  Bush added $2.5 Trillion to the National Debt (including the Afghanistan and Iraq wars) through the end of his 8 year term.  Obama has added $4.1 Trillion to the national debt in LESS THAN 3 YEARS. 
  • Global Consensus:  “And we’re trying to get out of the worst downturn of our lifetimes.  The consensus of the international arena is . . . when countries come out of deep financial crises, it is a tough messy process.”
    • Gee, now we are looking for a consensus on misery.  How about coming up with solutions.  We are the ones who are suffering, not the those in the government, the Administration and those in Congress.

     The President has also cited the Tsunami that devastated Japan,  (I think Taylor Swift’s million dollar contribution to the relief effort was more than Obama did for Japan.); and the tornadoes that hit the Mid-West and South, (I think Taylor Swift’s million dollar contribution to this relief effort and Rush Limbaugh’s focus on his home state’s rebuilding efforts were more than Obama did for these states).  Maybe we should have Taylor Swift run FEMA for Obama?  AT LEAST SHE USES HER OWN MONEY!  I can’t wait to see how much the President and his advisors blame hurricane Irene for killing the 3rd quarter GDP.

     The American Public is looking for a leader during these difficult times. 

     A leader who does not lead with his mouth but his actions.  A leader who at least acts like he cares and does not engage in lavish vacations and has a wife who makes Evita Peron oF Argentina look like a pauper when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars on her own trips.  A leader who accepts the cards that are dealt to him or her and focuses on solutions and not a rear view mirror to blame what everyone else or everything else did to poor little Barack. 

     This is life, life is not easy, life is not certain.  All we can do is face what comes at us and deal with it.  The President and the Administration need to stop their silly school yard antics and focus on leading.  The sad truth is that Obama was a community organizer whose sole function was to rally people around a common contrived enemy and force society to give into them.  This may be an effective tool for a community or union organizer but it does not make an effective President and Leader of the Free World.  Leading From Behind does not work when you ARE the Leader, whether you want to be or not…  The American People deserve more from their President.  Start leading and inspire confidence back into the American People.  That is your #1 job… 

RD Pierini

Read more on Newsmax.com: Goolsbee: Outside Factors Marred US Economic Recovery


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