Obama DEFAULTS on General Motors Warranty! Believe Anything Else He Says?

The Reuters headline on Friday August 19, 2011 3:47pm EDT reads:

“GM says bankruptcy excuses it from Impala repairs”

“New GM said not responsible to fix Impala made by old GM”

Obama:  March 30, 2009 said:

Let me say this as plainly as I can. If you buy a car from Chrysler or General Motors, you will be able to get your car serviced and repaired just like always,” Obama said in a speech. “Your warranty will be safe. In fact, it will be safer than it has ever been. Because starting today, the United States will stand behind your warranty.


Now, after Obama got his wishes and flushed the “OLD GM” down the toilet, along with its stockholders and creditors, the “NEW GM” is reneging on its warranty commitments for GM cars made by the OLD GM!  Really! 

There is a lawsuit today to force the NEW GM to be responsible for suspension problem on more than 400,000 Chevrolet Impalas made during the 2007 and 2008 model years.  The NEW GM is refusing to fix the spindle rods since the OLD GM made the cars.  The NEW GM did fix the rods on all police vehicles so it admits to the problem and is now discriminating against a class of customers!  Boy, is the politically correct or what? 

WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE TRUST THE NEW GM AND OBAMA?  There is no justification for not fixing the rods and is just another reason that you have to separate the private and public sectors.  Now that Obama owns GM, it can use the power and purse of the government to fight off lowly citizens.  Can you guess what the Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood would say if this was Toyota and not the New GM?  I can, he blasted Toyota over an allegation that was disproved by NASA regarding faulty accelerators on Toyota products.  He is noticeably silent on this issue.

I have no idea why we believe anything we hear coming out of Politicians Mouths…

RD Pierini




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