Boomer’s Retirement Blamed for Stock Market Downfall–No Dummy, We are being Fired!

WOW!  What a headline this was!  Earth to Wall Street and the Government: 

    Your idiotic, criminal, Sub Prime Scheme caused the 2008 Depression that is forcing more and more seniors to try to find work and others have been laid off as a result of your greed.  Further, our Government’s failure to address Social Security and Medicare funding issues are the cause of the drain on these systems and not the Baby Boomer’s Retirement.  It was no secret that the Baby Boomer’s Retirement Time was coming and no one in government in the last 30 years has had the guts to deal with it.  Instead, they just kept expanding the programs and extending services to non retirees in the hopes of snagging a few more votes.  Well, Wall Street, we are sorry of you little markets are not doing so well.  Our 401Ks have been decimated by your Sub-Prime larceny and we did not get bailouts by the Government and the Fed like you have.

You have:

  • Eliminated the Equity in our Homes.!

  • Eliminated much of our 401K Retirement Funds!

  • Caused inflation by being a co-conspirator with the Federal Reserve with their “Quantitative Easing” Grand Larceny!

  • Eliminated 2 years of COLA adjustments for Seniors!

  • Drove Gas Prices up from $1.61 in January of 2009 to over $3.75 today!

You want to blame someone for a bad stock market, LOOK IN THE MIRROR!


RD Pierini

Read more on Boomer Retirement Could Slow US Recovery -Fed Paper

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