Creating a Theocratic Middle East–The Obama Doctrine Unfolds–The Carter Policy Extended

     President Carter, 1980-1984, and Barack Obama share one common goal for the Middle East; 

The overthrow of Western Friendly Nations in the Middle East and Africa, or not,  ruled by monarchs or dictators,

and replace these governments with Islamic Republics.   

     Your first reaction may be that Democrats/Progressives do not believe in a church ran State or even the presence of religion within a State. Au contraire!  They only believe that the Christian religion should have no part in the U.S. Government, our culture, or our public life.  The U.S. and the West should be purely secular.  But, when it comes to the Islamic religion and the Middle East, Africa, Indonesia etc, they are all for creating Theocracies!  This policy is not based on religion but on a hatred for the West’s domination over parts of the world including the Middle East.  Carter and Obama see the installation of these theocracies as a vindication of past Western behavior.  Some also believe that this policy is a measure required to “balance” world power by creating a “Super” Islamic Republic group of aligned nations, Similar to the Euro Zone, that could counter balance Western influence.  They would be united by a common religion, and unfortunately, a common dislike of the West and disdain for all non-Islamic religions. 

The Carter Conversion of Iran-Step 1:

     President Carter successfully abetted the Mullahs in Iran to throw out the Shah, (Mohammad Rezā Shāh Pahlavi) and establish the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979.  Carter could not continue his Middle East theocratic zeal due to the prolonged hostage crisis in Iran which is ironic when you think about it.   The Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini hated the US and thought the US would soon attack Iran in an attempt to take back the country and rescue its hostages.  Little did he know that Carter was more aligned with his new theocracy than he was with rescuing our hostages, let alone take back Iran.  So, Carter could not abet any other overthrow of western friendly Middle East governments in favor of the establishment of Islamic Republics as he was too busy trying to weasel his way out of the hostage crisis without offending the Ayatollah!

The Obama Conversion of Egypt, Libya, Syria-Step 2:


    Egypt was a key State to be converted  as soon as possible to an Islamic Republic and it was no coincidence that Obama used this venue to make one of his more Pro-Islamic speeches of his early reign.  Egypt is critical as it is the most populous Arab nation and is strategically located on the southern border of Israel and controls the Gaza Strip east of the Suez.  Egypt is also one of the few nations in the region who recognized Israel and has had a long-standing peace agreement with Israel dating back to 1979.  Obama’s goal in the region is to force Israel in to accepting suicidal borders where they give up strategic lands on the Gaza, the West Bank and turn back the ancient city of Jerusalem back to the Palestinians.  Egypt is a key chess piece to use to intimidate Israel into these concessions.  Obama may believe that these border changes would foster more peaceful relations in the region, finally give the Palestinians the nation they deserve, or merely eliminate Israel as a nation in the Middle East.  I do not pretend to know Obama’s end game with respect to Israel but Egypt is a key piece

    The conversion of Egypt was easy as all Obama had to do was stir up the Egyptian populous who were not enamored with Mubarak.  Obama knew that the Moslem Brotherhood was a well-organized political faction that could organize the revolt and would serve to step in after the revolt and gain a majority in the new government.  The stated goal of the MB is to plant Islam Regimes throughout the world and especially at home in Egypt.  All Obama had to do is nothing!  Do not step in and try to help in an orderly transition that we could help to control and would foster an outcome that would be in the US long-term interest and help stabilize the region, especially the Egyptian-Israeli relations.  Obama did exactly that, Nothing.  The upcoming elections will see the MB in the majority and it will be a matter of time before the nation adopts a theocratic Islamic Republic banner similar to Iran.  The MB has already vowed to tear up the Egypt-Israeli Peace Agreement and is supporting more terror along the Gaza Border.


     No one could figure out what on earth we were doing aiding, and paying for, the attack on Kadaffi and our support for the rebels who were reported to include a sizeable Al-Qaeda force.  The Libyan appeasement all started with the freeing of the Lockerbie Bomber that was released to Libya.  Obama sent messages through the Secretary of State to the British and Scottish governments that the US would not object if this murderer of over 170 US citizens was set free.  This was not done as a favor to Gaddafi, it was to show the Libyan people that the US had changed and supported the “people” over and above our own national interest and the crimes that had been committed against us.  Then, the bombings began after the first of the year and apparently will culminate in the expulsion of Kadaffi sometime within the next 10 days.  Rest assured, with Al-Qaeda and other radical elements, including the MB infiltrating the rebels, it will not be long before an Islamic Republic will be raised up in Libya.  Libya is an import chess piece in the Middle East/North Africa as it supposedly has the 2nd largest oil reserve next to Saudi Arabia.  These resources under Islamic control will further strain the Western supply of oil and weaken our position to negotiate with radical Islamic elements.  In the short-term oil will flow until the rebel government builds up its treasury, then its arsenal.  Then, we have a well armed, well-funded extremist nation less than 100 miles from Sicily, Italy!


     Syria may or may not fall as its dictator is also a key “odd couple” partner with Iran.  Iran would like to see Syria become a Shiite Islamic Republic but may settle to have a willing partner in terror for the time being, especially now that Egypt has either been neutralized as an ally of Israel or worse yet an enemy of Israel.  Eventually Syria will have to bend to become an Islamic Republic but it is not critical for the “movement”.  I am not sure Obama and Company see it that way.  If Obama encourages the uprising by leading from way behind like he did in Egypt and does nothing, the revolt may win out.  If there is a successful overthrow of the Assad Regime, and the government is overthrown, that actually may weaken Iran a bit in trying to destroy Israel in 2012-13.  Remember, Syria has a common border with Israel on the North and can easily lob missiles into Israel from there and also continue to control Lebanon to its West.  Lebanon also shares a Northern border with Israel and has used this vantage point to fire rockets and missiles repeatedly into Israel.

Squeezing Israel Out and the Islamization of the Middle Eastern Government-Step 3:

     With enemies to its South, Egypt and the Palestinians; enemies to the North, Syria and Lebanon; Israel will be put into a position to either capitulate to the Obama view of Palestine, that includes expanded Gaza and West Bank borders and control over Jerusalem, or possibly have to attack Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and the Palestinians.  Whether Obama realizes it or not, the Islamic nations surrounding Israel will not rest until Israel does not exist.  They have no interest in leaving Israel in their region.  So ultimately they will go to war with Israel.  The Arab Nations of the Middle East so Obama as giving them the green light to do whatever they want with Israel.  Obama has snubbed the Israeli Prime Minister, offered very luke warm support for key Israeli issues within the UN, and is pressuring Israel to give into redrawing its borders with suicidal consequences.

     By the end of 2012 and while Obama is still in the White House, what Carter had envisioned but was thwarted by his own incompetence, may come to fruition, the Theocratic takeover of the bulk of the Middle East and North Africa.  Israel will be forever changed as will the West’s relationship to the Middle East and North Africa.  While some may call this justice, others may call it the beginning of Armageddon!

RD Pierini


Below is the status of the other Islamic Nations that have already become Islamic Regimes.  Will they remain neutral if a war breaks out between Israel, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Palestine, and Lebanon?

Islamic Republic of Pakistan-1956

  • Has significant nuclear weapons.
  • 6th most populous nation
  • 8th largest army in the world
  • 2nd largest population of Muslims in the world.
  • 27th largest economy in the world.
  • Pakistan is a federal parliamentary republic. 

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-1992

  • Due to internal strife and external meddling by surrounding countries, the new government never really formed.
  • The Taliban started taking control in 1994 and then ruled from 1996-2001
  • The US attacked Afghanistan in 2001 following 9-11, and effectively ended the Taliban rule.
  • The current government of Afghanistan, (2004) is an Islamic republic consisting of three branches, executive, legislative and judicial, led by its President, Hamid Karzai.
  •  Still remains one of the poorest and least developed nations on the earth.
  • The country has natural resources which may allow it to develop if the Taliban does not take over following US withdrawal.

Islamic Republic of Bangladesh-1972

  •  Bangladesh is a parliamentary democracy with an elected parliament called the Jatiyo Sangshad.
  • 8th most populous countries in the world
  • Partially aligned with India but has close ties with China.
  • Has a fairly sizeable military with 200,000 in their army and 22,000 in their air force.
  • They are very active within the United Nations
  • Its economy is growing and it has a GDP of US$257 Billion per year which is a per capital income of US$641

Islamic Republic of Mauratania-1960

  • West African nation led by several dictators and subject to several coups over its history.
  • Unclear how much influence the religious leaders have in the face of the strong dictators
  • Rich in untapped natural resources but has one of the lowest GDP rates in Africa
  • Population is 3.3 million.

Islamic Republic of Iran-1979

  • The Islamic Republic of Iran is an Islamic theocracy headed by a Supreme Leader, a cleric.
  • Economy is 60% controlled by the government
  • Religious “foundations” make up half of the government
  • $2,770 per capital income in 2005, generally a poor population
  • Currently developing an overt nuclear program that will lead to nuclear weapons capabilities if not checked.

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