While the World “Burns”, The President Bicycling On Martha’s Vineyard

Nero, famous for the phrase, “Nero Fiddled while Rome Burned”, has nothing over President Obama who is bicycling and vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard while the world and its lowly citizens are grappling life and death issues.  This President has no intention of trying to turn this economy around and improve the global economy.  The only concern he has is his own re-election.  We can only hope that we see his reign end on January 21, 2013! 

While Obama is vacationing on the exclusive Martha’s Vineyard island, the US and the world is trying to address an immense amount of life and death issues that if not caused by Obama, were certainly exacerbated by him.  Here is the short list.

United States:

  •  20% of American Children are living in Poverty
    • 14.7million children in families living at or below the Poverty level ($21,800)
    • The State of Mississippi leads the nation at 33%
    • Nevada, the home of Senate Leader Harry Reid, has seen 13% of its children made homeless through foreclosures.
  • 43,000,000 Americans are receiving Food Stamps which is an all time historic high.
  • Consumer Price Index continue to rise to higher and higher levels robbing more and more precious cash from American Consumers, especially Seniors.
  • Gasoline Prices in January, 2009, when Obama was inaugurated, averaged $1.61/gallon.  Today it is averaging $3.62/Gallon which is a 124% Increase.  The avoidable gas price increases are robbing $1,200/year per family across the US.
  • Unemployment claims topped 409,000, another 400,000+ month.  Underemployment continues over 18%!
  • The US lost its AAA credit rating earlier this month that is continuing to cause global unrest over US credit worthiness.
  • Stock Market dropped 419 points today (8/18/2011)
  • Sales of existing homes fell again by 3.5% to an annual rate of 4.7 million homes.  In a normal economy, 6 million new homes are sold annually. 
  • Burning our Food:  More corn will be used to create ethanol for fuel, 5.05 Billion Bushels,  than to feed livestock, 5 Billion Bushels.  WE ARE BURNING OUR FOOD WHILE LEAVE BILLIONS OF BARRELS OF OIL, BILLIONS OF CUBIC FEET OR NATURAL GAS, MILLIONS OF TONS OF OIL SHALE, AND MILLIONS OF TONS OF COAL UNTAPPED UNDER OUR FEET!  This will drive world food prices up even more yielding more instability as food shortages erupt around the globe.
  • Young, unemployed and undereducated youths continue to roam the streets of many major US cities harassing, mugging and intimidating other citizens.


  • Morgan Stanley slashed its economic outlook for 2011 and 2012 fearing that the U.S. and the euro zone are”dangerously close to a recession”.
  • Gold jumped $28.20, or 1.6%, to $1,822 amid panic over global outlook.
  • Japan’s Exports fell for the 5th straight month.
  • European and Asian stock markets down again today.
  • Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, and Ireland may default on debt payments.
  • France and Germany may drag down their own economies to bail out the Eurozone.
  • France’s GDP growth tanked again this quarter.

World Conflicts:

  • Israel is again under attack by Palestinian forces in southern Israel.  Some rockets may have been fired from Egypt…
  • Libya:  We continue a failed “war”, albeit “non-kinetic”, trying to oust a single person, Colonel Kadaffi!  This is insane.
  • Obama, via his “under” President Hillary Clinton, now is DEMANDING that Syria’s President leave office.  Maybe France will ask that Obama leave office!
  • August was the deadliest month we have had in Afghanistan so far.
  • Iraq violence continues to escalate in a growing Shia versus Sunni conflict.  Sound familiar?
  • Unrest through Europe continues to stain European police forces.

 While this President’s absence and total disregard for the suffering of his nation’s citizens, many of whom are African-Americans, is appalling, the absence of the Republican congressmen and women is equally troubling.  There is definitely a blatant disregard for the citizens of this great nation by its ruling class, the President and the Congress.  instead of caring, they are all posturing for a political advantage in the 2012 elections.  They are more optimistic than the rest of us who don’t think we will make it to November 6, 2012!  How can this nation, and the global community, possibly survive 15 more months without systemic governance changes around the world.

The US, the Euro Zone, and Japan have to take the following measures immediately:

  • Eliminate their capital gains taxes.
  • Eliminate or seriously drop income taxes on corporations.
  • Make capital flow within the western economies rational by eliminating in country taxes for repatriated profits.
  • Slash individual taxes across the board.
  • Eliminate all non productive regulations on business and energy production. 
  • Stop Monetizing their individual debts by printing money and weakening western currencies against the Chinese and other currencies, and fueling inflation.
  • Let interest rates rise slowly to normal 4-5% levels.
  • Re-instate “normal” underwriting practices for home mortgages and make it illegal to create or re-market any sub-prime mortgages or other loans, period!
  • Stop taxing the drawdown of retirement funds that have to be used now for survival for most citizens rather than “enjoying” their retirement that they had hoped for.  Your taxation is driving more and more citizens into poverty.

Alas, don’t hold your breath that any of the global leaders will do anything short of trying to ensure their own jobs.  The lack of global leadership today is astounding.  Our allies look at the US and shake their heads.  They are wondering where we went!  We are not leading the world any longer because Obama does not believe in our greatness.  That is great for him but is catastrophic for the rest of the world.  The world is not some sort of university lab class that he can toy with.  There will be repercussions to what we have allowed this nation to become and the impact we have forced onto a unssupecting world…

RD Pierini







2 thoughts on “While the World “Burns”, The President Bicycling On Martha’s Vineyard”

    1. Obviously you don’t follow this blog close enough or you will have read on numerous occasions were GW Bush, his father, and the entire the Bush Family were absolutely blamed for their individual or collective actions or inactions. That said, whoever is in power is responsible for running this country, today. Whether this is fair or not is why you have governments and their electorate. If those in power, Democrats or Republicans do not effectively deal with conditions, or prevent conditions from worsening, or prevent conditions from happening, then they always will be held to account.

      Thanks for your commen

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