New US Arsenal Addition-The Teleprompter-Syria, You are Next!

Whatever happened to a President going before the American People and the World and clearly articulating a foreign policy and/or military action?  Then the left would insist that the President go before the United Nations and make his case to the world, do-nothing body.  Now, the President, or his Assistant President Hillary Clinton  (sorry joe, they don’t trust you with real policy), merely go on television and tell another world leader to leave office!  Wow, now that is leadership.  It is like the school yard bully telling the scrawny kid to get out of the sand box or else! 

Obama thinks that he can just proclaim something and poof, it happens magically.  Just like when he told Kadaffi to leave in Libya, oops, Kadaffi is still in Libya.  Obama is a laughing-stock with our enemies and is disdained by our one upon a time allies.  He has no stated foreign policy that anyone understands and no one fears.  He is not leading from behind, he simply is not leading and the world is a much more dangerous place for it.

Before telling Bashar Assad to leave Syria, maybe it would be nice to think about what may replace him?  Same for Libya and other Middle East hot spots.  Why haven’t we taken a hard-line with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.  He has murdered many of his citizens.  I guess some dictators are more equal than others…

In the midst of our worldwide Economic Meltdown, it is easy to miss these stories.  But, these events are creating an unstable Middle East that will be a serious threat to Western Civilization in the near future.  Obama is aiding and abetting this transformation to the detriment of the West.  Stay informed or you will wake up under Sharia Law!

RD Pierini



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