The Bush Theocracy Need to Back OFF! You are Not the Republican Party-You Already Had Your Chance!

The Bush family and their inside supporters need to stand down! 

  • GW allowed the Republican then the Democratic Congresses during his 2 terms to drive the economy into the tank by perpetuating ILLEGAL Sub-Prime Loan schemes that drove us into the Depression of 2008. 
  • GW increased Medicare exponentially with his prescription drug program while doing absolutely nothing to transform Social Security or Medicare. 
  • Yes GW did propose that we needed to work on entitlements but did not stick to his guns and force his own party to grow a pair. 
  • GW did raise a question regarding the solvency of Freddie and Fannie but did not follow through and force his own party to grow a pair. 
  • Then, for the cherries on the top of the sunday, he installed Henry Paulsen as Secretary of the Treasury and “Print’in” Ben Bernanke as the Federal Reserve Chairman.  In short, he caved into Wall Street.  (Putting an ex-chairman of Goldman Sachs as Sec of Treasury is like giving the keys to the treasury to the band of thieves.)
  • With Paulsen and Bernanke cheerleasding, GW bailed out the very banks and Wall Street firms that helped create the Sub-Prime collapse and thus the 2008 Depression!
  • With Paulsen and Bernanke cheerleading, GW bailed out GM and Chrysler rather than let the go into a real bankruptcy and actually reorganize in a way that does not lead us one step closer to national socialism

So, Bush Clan, you don’t have a lot to be proud of and certainly need to stay out of OUR Republican Primary discussion.  You can buy yourself a plaque for your mantel that says we created the 2008 Depression!  Rove, Perino, Wehner, and Bush’s other supporters don’t have a lot to be proud of and certainly have a lot of Chutzpah criticizing any of the Republican Candidates.  If you have a problem with Governor Perry, suck it up.  We will find out about the governor ourselves.  THE MORE YOU RAIL AGAINST HIM, THE MORE LIKELY WE WILL SUPPORT HIM!  We are bright enough to figure out who each of the candidates are and what they stand for.  We know you screwed the pooch big time by appointing Paulsen and Bernanke.  Bernanke will go down as the worst Fed Chairman ever.  That is saying a lot since his predecessor was not peach either.

Special Note to Rove:

You were the inside, personal advisor to GW, who I believe as a principled individual.  In retrospect much of your advice to GW was flawed and led to catastrophic outcomes.  You especially should curtail your tongue a bit and dial back the rhetoric.  We need to defeat Obama, not Perry!  IF you do not get that, you are even less astute than I imagine…  Your attacks on Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell helped the left maintain control over the Senate and made us have to keep listening to Harry Reid.  For that alone I’ll never forgive you.

RD Pierini


One thought on “The Bush Theocracy Need to Back OFF! You are Not the Republican Party-You Already Had Your Chance!”

  1. Bush was castigated and pummeled for even trying to reverse course. the war on terror kept him I was most upset when he advocated for amnesty on illegal immigration but got hammered and when he caved on Medicare. Bush did get the economy humming until the Dems won Congress ’06 and then everything got political. In hindsight, the government should have let the failing firms declare bankruptcy than to get bailed out for their misdeeds losing what little crdibility he had. bush could have been more restrictive. we are now in a death spiral with Obama’s bailouts. Good Luck tea party candidates hope you don’t get caught up in the borrowing spree after the debt ceiling fiasco.

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