Senate Dems and Staff Vacation in Maui, Hawaii–Obama Buys 2 New Buses for $1.1 Million Each–Where are the Cuts?

Maui Vacation for Democrats and their Staff:

Today, the corporate private sector relies on products like Go-To-Meeting, Web-X and other online meeting tools to conduct a great deal of their day-to-day business meetings that previously required expensive air travel and lodging.  With these new tools, the need for direct face-to-face contact with colleagues and staff are no longer required.  Video Conferencing allows the participants to see one another, share computer screens, and interactively modify documents and materials.  In short, for $50.00/Month you can replace millions of dollars in travel costs for meetings…


The Democrats are going to Maui ostensibly to have the Committee on Indian Affairs meet to discuss “Overcoming Barriers to Economic Development in Native Communities”.  Really?  They probably have the same barriers we do as members of the Non Native Community!  In September, the Senate is supposed to be back in session.  Can’t you wait until then to hold this meeting?  You have not passed a budget for over 800 days so how can this meeting be so vital?  Get Real and quit wasting our money.

Obama’s 2 New buses! (to be used 3 days)

Obama Buys 2 New Buses for a cost of $2.2 Million Dollars for his 3 day “listening” tour that includes Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.  The WH is saying that “…Obama’s tour is a chance to let the president hear stories from real Americans across the country who are suffering from the effects of a slumping economy.” 

Notes to Obama:


Maybe you can hitch a ride with Sarah Palin on her bus that the Taxpayers did not pay for!  I am sure she would enjoy the company.

This should be a campaign expense but no, he is sticking the taxpayers with these costs.  If he needs some experience in the real world, maybe he should set aside his crown for a couple of weeks, rather than vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, and try to get a job and feed a family in the real world.  Obviously his crowds will be controlled and any questions he gets will be scripted.  He is merely trying to get some of the spotlight that was taken by the events of the Iowa Straw Poll this past week.

If the President of the US has to ask “Joe” and “Mary” Citizen, after he has been in office for almost 3 years, what is wrong with the economy and what he should do to fix it, may it is time for him to admit failure and not seek re-election.  More time in office is not going to help him and we cannot afford to pay for his education, again.  Hint to Obama, go back and read what John F. Kennedy did when he was President.  HE LOWERED TAXES AND CUT REGULATIONS…  Get it?

RD Pierini


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