Obama Presides Over First Ever Downgrade of US Credit Worthiness

It is hard to believe that anyone with an IQ over 50 would not assess the blame on our first ever credit downgrade to Obama and his Progressive Socialistic agenda.  Blame can also be assessed to the Republican Party for abandoning its core economic conservative principles from 2000-2006 when the Republicans controlled the Presidency, the House and the Senate. 

This situation is truly sick and is solely the responsibility of our Federal Government, that we elected. The Debt Ceiling debacle of the past few weeks are just the symptom of the sickness in Washington.  Washington is being ran by a group of incompetent idealogues and there is very little difference between the core elite Republicans and the Progressive Democrats.  Both of these groups have come out against the 22 Conservative Republicans and the Tea Parties as being radical elements who do not understand what is at stake.  Oh Really?

Message to Boehner, Reid, Pelosi and Obama:

Boehner, Reid, Pelosi and Obama, you blew it big time.  We were trying to tell you that it was NOT THE DEBT CEILING BUT THE DEBT that would cause the credit downgrade and the stock market collapse but you knew better.  Well, thank you for delivering our first ever credit downgrade and killing trillions of dollars of our investments that we had in the Stock Market. 

I doubt that this catastrophe will even wake you up.  You are all so concerned with your own kingdoms you do not care about this great nation.  Well, you can bet we will be doing everything in our power to get all of you out of office.  Our only hope is that there is anything left of this nation by the time we do. 

You kept lecturing us that if we did not raise the debt ceiling that this nation would default and result in a financial disaster.  We kept telling you that if you don’t deal with the debt in an adult fashion, regardless of raising the debt ceiling, that we would face financial disaster.  But, you were all so smug and all-knowing that we the little people could not possibly understand the intricacies of a Federal Budget.  Oh Really!  We get, you don’t!

Please do us all a favor and Resign.  This is one time I really wish we had a Parliamentary form of government as you would be voted out right now on a vote of no Confidence!  Period..  We will not be so lucky.  Obama, if you do resign, take Biden with you…Please.

 Message to my Fellow Americans

Today will be another “date which will live in infamy” as designed originally on December 8th, 1941 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  The interesting point is that both Obama and Roosevelt subscribed to Progressive Socialism and Big Government.  Both were orators “par excellence” and had the ability to captivate millions with the mere sound of their voices.  Much like the fable of the Pied Piper.  Today you are witnessing our Pearl Harbor.  The real tragedy of our Pearl Harbor is that is was self-inflicted and not brought about by an attack from our external enemies; but inflicted by internal enemies of our Political-Economic system of a democratic, capitalistic society.  Make no mistake about it, Obama deeply believes that our great country is flawed, beginning with our great Constitution and culminating with our business community that makes this country work.  Obama is an ideologue to his core and is a Committed Social and Economic Progressive that believes that government must control all facets of society because individuals are flawed and cannot be left to their own initiatives. 

We did not get here in 3 years but have been moving to where we are for the past 70 years or more.  We have slowly but steadily been moving toward progressive socialism with programs such as Roosevelt’s New Deal, Johnson’s Great Society, Johnson’s creation of Medicare, Nixon’s creation of the Environmental Protection Agency,  Carter’s creation of the Department of education, Carter’s creation of the Department of Energy, George W. Bush’s expansion of Medicare by adding Prescription Drug Coverage,  and many more seemingly innocuous and well-meaning programs that now have risen our National Debt to equal our Gross Domestic Product. 

We must get the Federal Budget under control:

  • We must change the budget rules whereby the prior year’s budget is automatically increased by 8% or so and this is the starting point for the next year’s budget.  This causes budget increases to roll forward year after year.  Every budget must be zero based and each expenditure must be re-justified each year or eliminated.  For now, we must insist that the 2012 budget be based on 2008 budget levels.
  • The Administration and Congress should be required to have a budget in place by the start of the new fiscal year starting on October 1st.  They should not be permitted to use Continuing Resolutions to kick the budget can down the road for political cover.  You can’t do this with your budget and they should not be able to do this with the Federal Budget.
  • WE must pass a firm balanced budget amendment and one that is drafted by WE THE PEOPLE and not Washington.  If Washington creates the language, you can bet there will be loopholes for Congress and the President to evade really balancing the budget.
  • Corporate Taxes Must be cut to 10% or less without any tax deductions that are not available to any small business person or individual. 
  • Corporation should be able to bring overseas profits back to the US without paying money on that income as it was not generated in the US but those dollars should be available for investment in the US economy without penalty.
  • Individual tax rates should be cut by 25% across the board and the alternative minimum tax eliminated.
  • Unfortunately we have millions of Americans trapped in an economy where jobs have been eliminated.  We will have to help these people bridge their existence until we can get the private sector back up and running.  Separate programs will have to be created to transition people off of Unemployment insurance, Welfare, Food Stamps, etc…
  • All Federal Regulations adopted after 2000 should be eliminated and re-justified if they are to be reinstated.
  • Congress should put a $500,000/injured party ceiling on damages from lawsuits. 
  • The National Labor Relations Board should not include members of Unions.
  • Public Sector Unions Pension Plans should be reverted to defined contribution plans and eliminate the current defined benefit plans.
  • We must start developing our own natural resources NOW.  Oil and gas exploration and the development of new refining facilities must be fast tracked.
  • Federal Water restrictions on farmers for environmental reasons must be eliminated now.  Every single acre we have should be put back under production now.  We have lost hundreds of thousands of acres of prime farmland to Federal Regulations.  This is insane and must be stopped now.
  • Get the government out of our beliefs and restore public prayer and manifestations of faith, not matter what the faith.  Put “Under God” back in our government.

We have a long way to go and whether we get there or not is up to US.  We have a choice, keep going the way we are and perish or take control of this Country and re-create American Dream envisioned by our founders.  It is up to YOU.

RD Pierini






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