Obama Fails as CEO of General Motors-He Sold 125 Chevy Volts-Toyota Sold over 12,500 Prius

Chevy Volt Sales 125 Units in July–That is 999,875 Short of Obama’s Production/Sales Target

General Motors cannot even compete with Toyota with the Government (you) giving away rebates of $7,500 per Volt.  The issue is not as much unit to unit sales as it is the failure to recognize that the Volt is an Idea no one wants!  But, because Obama is “committed” to spending more of our money to shove his ideology down our throats, we continue to subsidize a failing company that could not compete if had the same debt load as Ford. 

Critics argue that the Volt is a Plug in versus the Prius that is a hybrid.  The bottom line is that the Volt can only go 40 miles on a charge, best case, then it becomes a hybrid just like the Prius.  As a hybrid, they both have the same miles per gallon specs. 

Since the Volt hit the market in April of 201o, GM has sold a total of 2,700 Volts.  During that same period, Toyota has sold 194,000 Prius.  Before you say that the Prius is sold worldwide these number are for the United States only.  And, Japan was hit by a tsunami and had limited production during much of this sales period. 

GM is a perfect example of why Government should be prohibited from taking over a private business.  This is also an ideal example to liberals that while their goal of “green everything” may seem to have some marginal benefits, trying to force human behavior through government imposition does not work too well economically.  Ask the USSR, Cuba, Venezuela and other Lenin style socialist economies.

RD Pierini


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