Hobbits Vs Republican Party – Liberals Should be Salivating

It has been roughly 9 months since the 2010 election that swept 65 new Republicans into the House and most of these were either directly associated to the Tea Party movement or had pledged to adhere to the basic Tea Party tenants.  You would think that the Republican Leadership would have put a plan together to assimilate the Tea Party beliefs into their legislative plans.  Obviously this never happened!

Lewis Caroll aptly stated in “Through the Looking Glass”,

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there!”

This phrase aptly describes the Republican Party and their strategy to defeat Progressivism in the United States.  (I am really trying to give the R’s the benefit of the doubt in believing that they want to defeat Progressivism!)  The Republican Leadership had been in a knee-jerk mode versus the democrats ever since the mid-term election.  They have no real legislative agenda, past show votes for defeating Obamacare and their half-hearted support Cut, Cap, and Balance.  They did not even really get behind the Ryan Budget but left Ryan hanging out to fend for himself.  Letting Ryan attend an Obama speaking event shows that the Republicans clearly do not understand their opponent.  

The Tea Party Movement in 2010 gave the Republican Party a windfall of support that proved effective in the 2010 Mid Term Election.  The Republican Leaders thought they could control the new Tea Party members of the House and Senate using their old “politics as usual” tactics such a giving the new members a seat on a committee or even a chairmanship or offering them earmarks for their District/State.  I guess the leadership forgot that part of the Tea Party mantra was NO MORE EARMARKS.  Oh well, maybe bribing them with committees or chairperson seats.  What the leaders forgot as well was that the new Tea Party Members owed their election allegiance to the Tea Party (i.e. their constituents back home), and NOT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. 

Why do they feel more allegiance to the Tea Party rather than the Republican Party?  Maybe it is because they witnessed what the Republican Party did to Tea Party candidates who beat out their Republican sponsored opponents in primaries.  Remember Sharon Angle or Christine O’Donnell?  Or, once the Tea Party candidate won the primary, it was like pulling teeth to get any financial or organization support from the State or National Republican Party organizations in spite of the fact that these candidates were running under the Republican banner…

Then along came the Debt and Debt Ceiling Crisis.  REALLY?  You did not know that Obama and you were spending your way to pushing through the $14.5 Trillion Debt Ceiling in August or September?  REALLY?  If you are trying to win a legislative battle you go on the offensive, legislatively and in the public arena.  You controlled the House of Representatives and you are facing a Democratic Senate where 28 of their member are up for re-election in 2012 and are scared to death of facing the Tea Party opposition in their home states.  You are facing a very inexperienced, petulant President who is an ideologue but cannot win any logical argument with the American People IF YOU ARGUE WITH HIM IN THE ARENA OF PUBLIC OPINION.  To do this, you must have an aggressive offensive plan that you commit to and execute without hesitation. 

Then insider Republican after insider Republican got in front of any camera they could find and eventually blamed the “Conservatives”, read to mean Tea Party Members, made the whole negotiation with the Democrats harder than it should have been.  What negotiation?  You pass Cut, Cap and Balance, then the weasel leader of the Senate Harry Reid goes in front of a Camera and says the bill is dead on arrival in the Senate and the Idealogue-In-Chief goes on the air and says he will Veto the CCB bill.  So, what did you do?  You folded up your tent and went back and negotiated with yourself.  GOOD PLAN!  The final result being giving Obama his Debt Limit cover through the next election cycle and only cutting $21 Billion from the 2012 budget, maybe.  Then you set up a commission to deal with the real tough issues but you put triggers in the deal that if this commission cannot reach an agreement, the MILITARY BUDGET GETS CREAMED!  REALLY?  But you say there will be no new tax increases because you will stand up against any tax increases.  REALLY?  Which of you brave souls are going to take a chance on decimating the military for your Principles of not Raising TaxesHow are you going to fight Obama and the Senate on not allowing the Bush Tax cuts to expire?  What is your plan? You don’t think Obama and Reid won’t leverage those tax increases to get whatever they want out of you?

Congratulations Republican Leadership.  You have positioned us into certain legislative defeat by 1/1/2012 and given all of the advantages to the Democrats.  If that was your plan in the first place, I take back my earlier assertion that you “did know where you were going so any road wouldn’t have taken you there”.  Maybe you did know where you were going…

Today, thanks to you and your lack of leadership, we now have a national debt that exceeds our GDP!

RD Pierini



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