Hobbits Rise UP! Start Taking Back Washington Now by Holding Republicans Accountable

Abandonment of Principle, the Ultimate Betrayal

Devin Nunes, the U.S. Representative for California’s 21st congressional district (Fresno, California) epitomizes the lack of committment to principle when it comes to being faced down by his leadership in the House. (We could have used several other members of the house as examples)  Nunes played the age-old game of “I voted for it before I voted against it” that is so Washington and is intended to allow candidates to run on both sides of an issue.  But, when it comes to issues that are a matter of life and death to the existence of this nation, “that game don’t hunt“!  

  1. Devin voted Yes for the original Boehner Bill that helped move the issue to the Senate last weekend.  This was the killer vote that assured Obama and Reid would win.
  2. The Boehner Bill was killed by the Senate then Reid Substituted his own version of the House Bill and sent it back to the House.
  3. Devin was then able to take political cover from the Tea Party commitments by voting NO on the returned Senate version.  The returned Senate had a lot of Democrats voting yes so Devin was able to vote No without ticking off the Republican Leadership.
  4. Devin is on the following Committees that Boehner would have held hostage if Devin did not play the game:
    • House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
    • Committee on Ways and Means
      • Subcommittee on Trade
      • Subcommittee on Health

Nunes is not alone in playing these kinds of shell games with their votes but it is time to draw the line with these Representatives and Senators.  Buying into the Washington Business as Usual mode is no longer acceptable.  Principle is Principle regardless of your personal career path or comfort.  If you are not capable of fending off attacks by the media, your party, or your opponents, you should not run for office. 

The Debt Ceiling crisis was brought about by a Spending problem by Congress and both of the past Administrations.  Devin an others were part of the creation of this problem and should have taken ownership to fixing the problem. 


  • they gave in for a lousy $21B in reduced spending in 2012. 
  • Any dates past 2012 are meaningless as this Congress cannot bind the actions, cuts, of future Congresses. 
  • Then, they gave Obama a blank check in the amount of $2.6 Trillion dollars… 
  • Any future reductions will be left up to yet another committee that bypasses the normal Congressional processes. 
  • But, the worst part of the bill is that if the committee and Congress cannot reach agreement on future spending and revenues, then the military budget gets the ax.  Do you think the Democrats put this in to blackmail the Republicans into agreeing on TAX INCREASES!!!  YA THINK!

I hope the Tea Parties around the nation stand up and demand accountability from all of the Tea Party Candidates that abandoned the cause during this debt crisis fiasco.  It is hard to fight off the disappointment and despair when you see a lot of hard work and personal investment go down the drain.  We need to get back on our feet and fight.  I keep seeing a lot of focus on defeating Obama in 2012 which is a given.  But, just as important is putting real fiscal conservatives in the Senate and the House.  Don’t lose sight of both objectives. 

RD Pierini


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