David Limbaugh-“A Conservative is Conservative”-RINOs Aren’t

I was extremely disappointed in David Limbaugh’s post on the Human Events site entitled, Conservatives, Let’s Remember Who Our Political Enemy Is.  Limbaugh grossly underestimated the depth of real anger that permeates not only we”Hobbits” in the Tea Parties, but also a very high percentage of Independents who have been personally decimated by the 2008 Depression that was caused by Republicans who checked their conservatism at the door and the Progressive Left.  We know that Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the majority of Democrats in the House and Senate are Progressives to their core.  But, when Republicans allow their constituents to bleed to death economically and do not stand up for Conservative Principals for the sake of political expediency, we Hobbits will stand up and call you out! 

The only difference between a Hard Core Progressive and a RINO is timing.  The former will advance socialism as fast as they possibly can and will use any tactic they can to accomplish their goals.  The latter will slowly cave into Progressive Pressures and advance socialism a bit more slowly, by the result is the SAME.  There is a poster that postulates that Success is a Journey, Not a Destination.  Substitute Socialism for Success and you get:

“Socialism is a Journey, Not a Destination”

“Moderate” Republicans like, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Olympia Snow, and many others seek “Common ground” with Progressives.  Progressives believe that the only common ground is A GRAVESITE FOR CONSERVATISM

Progressives do not negotiate!  They cajole, intimidate, threaten, bribe, lie and use any other tactic they can to win.  My goodness man, haven’t you seen what they have done to your own brother?  Add in what your “Moderate Republicans” have done to him and you will see a pattern.  Progressives and Moderate (NOT Conservative Republicans) are on the same ideological side in the end.  BIG GOVERNMENT RULES!

We know we need to defeat Obama and take back the Senate in 2012 in order to turn this economy around.  We understand that this current fight was not over the Debt Ceiling but over the DEBT.  But let me ask you David, when we (Repulbicans) controlled the Presidency, the Senate and the House during the last Bush Presidency, did we:

  • Gain Oil Independence by developing our own resourses-NO
  • Stop the idiotic Mortgage Lending Practices developed by the Progressives that led to the Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis-NO
  • Cut and Control burdensome government regulations over private businesses and individuals-NO
  • Not Raise taxes-NO  Bush’s allowed Mortgage interest deductions to be limited to $1M which started killing home sales and hurt homeowners in California, Florida, New York an other high cost real estate markets,  There are many other “Revenue” creation acts that took place under Bush and the Moderate Republicans.
  • Create a Business Friendly Environment that would keep jobs in the US-NO
  • Enact Tort Reform to stop out of control law suits forcing business to flee the US-NO
  • Allow God back into our public lives-NO

So, we should support those in Congress who have betrayed Conservative Principles for the past 50 years and just sit down and shut up?  Not in my lifetime!  Our kids deserve better and so do their kids.

The Hobbit Uprising is Here!

So, Mr. Limbaugh, we ARE angry and tired of WAITING FOR RINOs to stop progressing this great country into the Socialist Republic of Hobbits We Hobbits will take this country back on or before 2012.  If we have to replace every single “Moderate” Republican and Progressive Liberal in the Congress we will do so, one at a time.  If the Washington Elite Republicans fight us too hard with smear campaigns against candidates like Sharon Angle or Christine O’Donnell we will eventually split off.  You think Harry Reid or Chris Coons is a better choice than Angle or O’Donnell?  

We don’t need the media to fight our battles, we only need to stand on the right side of issues that once made this country great.  We gave a lot of latitude to George III before declaring our independence.  The Hobbits are now declaring their independence from ‘Business as usual in Washington”.  We hope you will be on our side…

RD Pierini



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