Obama-the-All-Powerful: House Wasted Time Actually Debating Legislation–Wow!

Here is the Headline from “The Hill”:

“Obama: House Republicans wasted ‘precious days’ with Boehner plan”

Maybe our brilliant Harvard Constitutional Scholar who currently inhabits the White House should brush up on his knowledge of the Constitution.  While I don’t think there has been enough open and free debate on this whole “Debt Crisis” debacle, the House did what the House is supposed to do.  It deliberated the content and specifics of its legislation before voting to pass or fail the bill, albeit behind closed doors most of the time.  Alas, they only debated for a couple of days which is criminal in itself but our Dictator-In-Chief believes that the House should just do what HE thinks is in the best interest of the Country.  God forbid we don’t listen to a well season professional community organizer!  It is like he told La Raza earlier this week.

“Believe me, right now, dealing with Congress, the idea of doing this on my own is very tempting — not just on immigration reform.”

Now how scary is that?  There is no doubt that one option in his “Eat Your Pea” brain of his next week will be to bastardize the 14th amendment, adopted after the civil war, to allow his majesty to declare that he unilaterally is saving the free world as we know it and is raising the debt ceiling in a similar manner to Moses parting the seas!  This guy is a narcissistic, Progressive Ideologue who has total disdain for the US Constitution and our Nation as a whole.  He said himself during his campaign in October of 2008 that the US Constitution is  “Deeply Flawed”.

What is flawed Mr. President is your view of your own importance and your real role as President of the United States.  You are not the King of the United States.  You, Pelosi, Reid and Bush to a significant degree, drove us headlong into the 2008 DEPRESSION and you have made things worse everyday you have been in office.  Your increasing fees on businesses, strangling regulations, idiotic revamping of a healthcare system that the government itself broke, your systemic support of public and private sector unions over the best interests of this country, and your failure as a leader in general has exacerbated the 2008 Depression to the point that it may take 8-10 years to get this country back on track.

So, Mr. President, it is time to stop Crisis Management and get down to actually deliberating and debating the core issues facing this Nation and indeed the World today.  it is time to get out of Sound Bite Government and lay out the actual conditions this country faces and look at all possible solutions that have HELPED IN THE PAST AND NOT SOLUTIONS TAKEN OUT OF LEFT WING TEXT BOOKS THAT FAILED IN THE SOVIET UNION, GERMANY, CUBA and every other nation who has tried socialism and failed.  There is a reason American rose to prominence in the world and it can be summed in one word, CAPITALISM.  If you and your ilk don’t like capitalism, a flight to Cuba or Venezuela is not that far, be my guest.

RD Pierini
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