What is the Rush? We Owe $14.5 Trillion-Fix the Problem, Not the Politics

All of the Washington Rhino pundits are pressing the “Tea Party” republicans to cave in and vote for a bill that does not address the National Debt Problem.  It only addresses the National Political Problem for the 2012 elections. 
The Boehner Deal gives the Republicans a Political edge by forcing the President and the Senate to take ownership of the Debt Problem and force another Debt Ceiling debate in early 2012.  Well, for those of us that are unemployed; those of us who have lost houses; those of us who have lost businesses; those of us who have lost HOPE; Politics is not exactly what we expect out of government.  We expect the government to create an environment for job growth; an environment for a stable housing market; an environment for a stable business environment; an environment for renewed optimism

The Democrats are just as bad just sitting back and sniping and not coming up with plans that actually reduce spending in 2012. 

We don’t have to solve the debt crisis today.  We have been forced into “Crisis Solutions” with TARP, the Stimulus, GM ad Chrysler Buyout, Bank Buyouts etc.  T-Bill Bond Market interest is lower today indicating that the markets are not nervous about the debt ceiling or the debt crisis.  We need Congress, both Houses and the President, need to sit down and come up with a solid way to revert the budget baselines back to 2008 as rapidly as possible.  Then put a plan in place to encourage business to invest in our economy, not China’s, by lowering taxes and killing choking regulations. 

If we can create meaningful solution by the end of August, the world will not come to an end.  The world will once again look to the US as a real leader and not just a politically motivated bully who helped to almost take their economies down in 2008 with ripple effects still tremoring the economies of some European nations.

Our GDP was adjusted down to less than 1 percent in the first quarter and reported to be 1.3% in the second quarter.  These are recession level numbers that reflect our weak economy and the need to solve the economic problems we face.  The Debt is a contributing factor to our slow growth and one that should be addressed now.

While the Tea Party Republicans are being hammered by their own “Conservative” pundits, they are the only thing standing between Washington Political Business as Usual and a possible Debt Solution that would help get this nation out of the economic depression that we are in. 

RD Pierini


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