Limbaugh Vs. Boehner–Like John Adams Vs. John Dickinson – Our Fight for Independence

The Internet and Media debate going back and forth between Rush Limbaugh and John Boehner reminds me of the debates in Philadelphia between John Adams and John Dickinson where the former was trying to convince the other colonies to join Massachusetts in declaring independence from Great Britain. 

Dickinson’s position represented that of many other leaders in the colonies in believing that appeasing King George was the best course of action for the colonies versus declaring our independence from England.  Dickinson and the others who opposed a very independence committed John Adams were sincere in their opposition and feared the outcome of an effort to become independent from the most powerful empire on earth. 

Rush-Independence Now, Not Appeasement:

Today, Rush Limbaugh is supporting the opposition to our present government efforts to enslave this nation, and all of its citizens, in a nation ending debt crisis.  Rush believes wholeheartedly that the solution is to change the budget baseline back to 2006 or 2008 and stop increasing the debt limit ad infinitum…  I believe Rush also supports a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) as a tool to help to insure that Congress and Presidents can be kept in check to some degree possible.  Boehner is like the appeaser Dickinson in trying to find a middle road with the Progressives.  Rush recognizes the time for compromise has passed and we are out of time to return this nation to prosperity. 

Boehner believes that by raising the debt limit, forming another committee to see what “tough” cuts can be made, then vote in a BBA as a  separate effort, is a way to show that Republicans are great people and real compromises and leaders.  What Boehner fails to understand is that we are in the same position today that the colonies faced in the 1770’s; they could either be driven into economic ruin by appeasing the Crown or risk their lives and seek independence.  Thank God there was a John Adams, and others, at the time who understood the issues and the only real alternative.  Thank God that today, there are voices like Rush Limbaugh, and others, who are holding firm and fighting for our freedom from a strangling debt load.

Believe it, this is a fight to the death.  Boehner needs to understand the risks and focus on the big picture.  We are not in an immediate position of default.  August 2nd is a fictitious date set by Obama and Geithner.  Obama has doubled the operating budgets for this nation since he came to office by compounding 3 back to back 25%+ budget increases which literally doubles the budget baseline in 2012.  There are many ways to ensure that we meet our obligations by reducing our obligation!  Cuts in spending have to be for the current 2012 budget year and forget about years 2-10.  Cuts in outlying years will never materialize.

It is our choice.  Are we going to stand firm behind John Adams/Rush Limbaugh or give in as advocated by John Dickinson/John Boehner?

RD Pierini


2 thoughts on “Limbaugh Vs. Boehner–Like John Adams Vs. John Dickinson – Our Fight for Independence”

  1. Rush Limbaugh is a pandering tool. Nothing more. Should he ever hold office, he is more than welcome to express his views and propose some legislation. In the meantime he is accountable to no one but his advertisers, for who Rush will say anything about anyone or any subject.

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