The News Is Not Reporting the Right Answer-The Answer is “How much Debt is Cut in 2012”!

The Only Question You Need to Ask Your Congressmen and women and the Press is


October 2011 through September 2012?  Period!

The rest is all Smoke and Mirrors!

Obama talks about cutting 3.7 Trillion Dollars. Boehner, Reid, Pelosi, McConnell talk about their own Trillion Dollar Cuts.  The Media Parrots exactly what these politicians are saying that they will cut which is absolutely meaningless.  Why?

The only budget year that can be cut is the upcoming Budget Year. 

Any year after that is irrelevant as no one can bind future Congresses, and thus the President, to any “Future Budget Cuts”.  The politicians know this.  But saying that I am going to cut $5 Trillion dollars sounds better than the actual cut of $100 Billion in the current budget year. 

That is also why they also always use 10 year projections! 

Have you ever seen a politician keep their word for a month let alone 10 years?

When you call your representatives in the House and Senate, ask them how much are their plans cutting in the CURRENT BUDGET YEAR.  If it is less than $500 Billion, they are blowing smoke up your nose.  Even $500 Billion does not even come close to getting us back to our 2008 budget levels but it is a start. 

And, make sure the cuts are cuts and not just reductions in the PERCENTAGE INCREASE of a department or program.  A decrease in a percent increase is still allowing additional dollars to be added to the deficit.  Tell them to hold the line.  Not raising the debt limit on August 2nd will not cause any damage to this country.  Not dealing with the Deficits will drive this country into oblivion…

RD Pierini


4 thoughts on “The News Is Not Reporting the Right Answer-The Answer is “How much Debt is Cut in 2012”!”

  1. Remember in a few years ago when Paulson drew took the beast by the horns and literally declared “If they refuses to vote in favor of this bailout, the market will fall?” Ironically, that was the ticket for the economy to tumble when Congress objected to play along. Barrack made a similar strategy a few days ago with the threat of a last day time limit but the Reps clearly swiped his bluff. Well this time might not be easy if this final time limit gets broken.

    1. You are absolutely correct… What most people do not understand is that next year’s spending is based on the current year spending plus a plugged automatic percent increase. This means that the “Stimulus Program” continues year to year unless specifically stopped by Congress. That is $800B that could be cut immediately. SEIU would be upset but that is a great start for 2012…

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