Obama, Compromise Means Agree with Obama–Cut, Cap and Balance NOW!

Obama does not even wait for votes on Bills out of Congress but says he will Veto them before they are even written!  Sorry but he needs to go back and read the Constitution, probably for the first time.  Republicans and Conservative Democrats, quit responding to his idiotic threats of a veto.  Make Obama veto Cut, Cap and Balance then justify it in public.  Then go on the Air and rebut what will obviously be misrepresentations of what is in Cut, Cap and Balance. 

Independents are now 2-1 In NOT Trusting Obama on the Economy!

57% of Military Families do not Trust their Commander-In-Chief on the Economy

Overall only 39.2% of Americans Trust their President

Republicans, Don’t Follow Him into Oblivion!

If we don’t CUT the current 2012 Budget NOW;  If we don’t set tight SPENDING CAPS NOW; and if we don’t take the credit card out of Government’s paws using a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT REQUIRING A BALANCED BUDGET NOW, we will not have another chance to solve our debt problem.  In the last two + years we have started consuming 25%+ of our GDP.  This is up 20% from previous highs during Bush’s administration which was not exactly spendthrift.  Compromise now means turning over our country to the Progressive Left Agenda and permanently enslaving our children with debt that their children will never be able to repay.  Right now every man, woman and child owe over $46,500 towards the national debt.  If you add up all of the real government debt and include all unfunded obligations of this government, $114,835,000,000,000 (trillions) every tax payer would owe over 1,026,000 EACH!  Yes Gracie, that is over one million dollars EACH!

After Cut, Cap and Balance, if not right now, the Republicans have to push through a base line change to the current budget to revert back to 2008, or earlier spending.  Obama has increased the size of government by 26% each year he has been in office.  Did your income go up 26% PER YEAR over the past two years?  I doubt it.  These increases sound somewhat bad but they are worse than you think as they are cumulative.  If you started with a dollar, and increased that dollar by 26%, you would have $1.26.  Then if you take the $1.26 and add 26% to that, you would have $1.59!  do that one more time and you have DOUBLED YOUR MONEY TO $2.00!!!  So after a mere three years in office, the budget would grow to double its size from just 36 months ago!  YOU CANNOT BUDGET AGAINST CURRENT SPENDING LEVELS, YOU HAVE TO GO BACK BEFORE THE RECKLESS SPENDING STARTED.  This is referred to as changing the BASELINE. 

You don’t budget at home ASSUMING that you can raise all of your expenses by 7% per year not do you ASSUME you will get a 7% raise every year which you probably won’t.  But that is how the federal government budgets.  So when you hear Obama, Reid or Boehner talk about CUTS, they mean instead of a 7% increase, they will CUT that to a 5% increase.  So it makes a difference if you started with your $1.00 or the inflated $2.00 you received by increasing your $1.00 three times by 26%.  Don’t let Washington try to intimidate you that the budget is over your head or best left to the experts.  The @#%$@@ Experts Got Us Into This Mess!!!

The August 2nd Debt Ceiling crisis will come and go and the world will not end.  Our debts will be serviced and Social Security will be paid along with our military.  The only way this won’t happen is if Obama disregards the Constitution and statutory requirements he has to fund the debt and Social Security.  Remember, the government owes Social Security $2.7 Trillion dollars.  The government must repay this loan if needs money to support Social Security Payments.  This is not an option…  If he plays chicken with the military, he will lose, big time…

Call your Congressman or Congresswoman or communicate with them in whatever way you can and tell them Cut, Cap and Balance First, then Baseline the Budget back to 2008.  From what I remember of 2008, I was better off than I am now!  2006 would be even better!  Tell Boehner to quit trying to come up with new solutions.  We already have it!

RD Pierini




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