Why are the Debt Ceiling/Debt Crisis Talks Being Done Behind Closed Doors?

Is America a Constitutional Republic based on a representative Democracy or not?  As such, Congress is the stage that was created to air issues facing this nation and the forum to debate the key issues and resolve the issues into conclusions and law to direct the affairs of this Nation. 

So then, if the Full Faith and Credit of this great Nation is at stake, why aren’t the discussions regarding the resolution of our National Debt and the pending Debt Ceiling Breach being aired, debated and decided on the floors of the House and Senate? 

The resolutions to these issues have potentially huge ramifications on every man, woman and child, and unborn generations, of this great Nation.  The citizenry deserve to hear all of the discussions and facts surrounding these issues.  Closed door sessions between the President and select members of Congress are not endemic to a true Representative Democracy.  Today, this lack of transparency is especially troubling that in the last 800-900 days, this Nation has been operating WITHOUT AN ADOPTED BUDGET.  The President, the Democrat led Congresses of 2008-2010, and now the Democrat led Senate has refused to adopt a budget or oven to seriously debate one.  We can all rest easy though because Congress is certainly on top of the performance enhancing drug problem in baseball!  Way to go in protecting US Citizens from drug use by athletes while not passing budgets to run this country.  Your priorities are certainly where they need to be!

Since 2007, America has been subjected to a crisis, knee-jerk governance.  Starting with the creation of the “Toxic Asset Relief Program, TARP, under George W. Bush, then, secrecy was put on Steroids under Barack H. Obama, back room negotiations and behind the scenes legislation have been the norm.  How many times have you seen that huge pieces of legislation was forced through Congress in 24-48 hours?  This is nuts and not the way you would run a lemonade stand let alone the largest democracy in the world.  It is time to turn on the lights so Americans can see what is being discussed that will severely impact their futures.  It is time to make Obama live up to his campaign lies to make his administration the most transparent in our history.  It is time to make both Republicans and Democrats in Congress stop legislating by crisis and stop and consider what they are voting on in a meaningful, deliberative, manner. 

We get impatient some times that government seems to take a long time to make decisions.  That deliberative process was put in place by our founders to make sure we did not dive this nation into debt and chaos and add over $5 Trillion dollars to our national debt in two short years.  Will Rogers said, “Be thankful we’re not getting all the government we’re paying for”.  Unfortunately, we are getting even more government than we ever though possible in terms of runaway regulations, taxes, and deficits.  We need to get back to the governance practices that protect the American Citizen and jettison the failed governance practices of the past 3 years.  Our Republic is at stake as well as the livelihoods of our Children and Grandchildren.

The first step could be the implementation of Cut-Cap & Balance.  Included in this movement is a mandate that the Federal adopt only balanced budgets going forward.  Obama says that this amendment would remove the responsibility of the government to do what is right so he does not support it.  No, the amendment makes sure the government does what is prudent and does not give him the right to spend us into bankruptcy. 

Go to: http://www.cutcapandbalanceact.com/ to sign the pledge. 

The President and the Progressive Left is saying that this law makes it mandatory for Congress to have a 66% majority to get rid of corporate welfare like the “Corporate Jet Tax Loophole”.  What they aren’t telling you is that the Progressive Left put the “Corporate Jet Tax Loophole” into law when they passed Obama’s “Union Welfare” called the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009″ that you know as Obama’s Stimulus Package.  This “stimulus” only spent 6% on “shovel ready”, infrastructure (highways and bridges) projects.  The rest went to unions or to grants to really worthwhile projects such as studies on the sex life of Chimps who smoke Pot or my other favorite, $762,372 to develop interactive dance software in North Carolina!   Maybe they can couple these two projects and teach the primates to dance!

The government has proven that they are not able to govern responsibly and maintain the “full faith and credit” of this Nation.  It is up to WE THE PEOPLE to take back this Nation now.  We are running out of time and we have already ran out of money…

RD Pierini


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