The “Gang of Six” Senators who are working on their own, isolated, with no oversight by WE THE PEOPLE, are hiding behind closed doors and political buzz words that mean WE ARE GOING TO GET THE SHAFT AGAIN AND THEY ARE DOING BUSINESS IN WASHINGTON AS USUAL.  Here are a few of the ways they will try to fool you or merely stick it too you.

“Debt Reduction Framework”–This is the name the Gang of Six are using for their plan, translate this to mean more taxes and more out of control spending and a framework means trust us, we are from the government to help!!!

Deficit Reduction of $3.7-$4.7 Trillion OVER TEN YEARS-there are NO cuts for the upcoming 2012 budget that starts in October.  Actually, there is NO BUDGET THAT HAS BEEN APPROVED FOR 2012!!!  Anytime you read, Cuts over 10 Years, and there are no cuts in the current budget year, then there will NEVER be any cuts as they cannot bind future Congresses.  Also,  3.7 – 4.7 Trillion Dollars.  Can’t get this a bit Closer!!!  Get Real, there are no cuts.  Cuts for Washington mean rather than increase a program by 7% they CUT the increase to 5%.  Don’t you wish you could cut your salary like that!  We end up spending more each year with the way Washington Cuts are calculated.  They are like you kids who bring home a $200 pair of sneakers and tell you they SAVED you $50 since they were on sale for $150!

Tax Increases – $1 Trillion: will take place in year one!  Washington always collects the $$$ first then gives you their cuts later.   Remember Obamacare?  The ten-year plan included 10 years of increases taxes with 7 years of costs!  There will be tax increases on Oil production that will be passed through to us as well as tax increases on targeted industries that will further depress this economy.  LEFTIST DON’T BELIEVE THAT TAX INCREASES KILL JOB CREATION.  THEY WERE DEAD WRONG WHEN ROOSEVELT BELIEVED IT AND ARE DEAD WRONG NOW UNDER OBAMA.  More of the same?  REALLY!

Reform Tax Code:  This MEANS TAX INCREASES.  How can you reform the code and increase revenues without raising taxes for someone?  Those someone will either produce less of their products and reduce their job corp or pass the costs to their consumers which inflate prices. 

Do you really like being called stupid when politicians lie to your face and think you are too dumb to see the truth?

No Balanced Budget Amendment:  The Fox doesn’t want you to board up the henhouse with a Balanced Budget Amendment.  No, trust them instead as they will hold their counterparts feet to the fire to make sure the government adopts and follows budget procedures and rules designed to hold lawmakers’ feet to the fire in terms of meeting debt reduction goals.  REALLY?  Do you believe that!

Social Security Reform:  Seniors, you better start filling out job applications for non-existent jobs.  This group will start formulating ways to reform, translated “you will get screwed”, SSI to make it more “stable” in the long-term! 

Debt Ceiling Raise:  This will be a requirement of their plan, take this to the bank.  Without any real spending cuts in 2012 and only promises over the next 10 years, and tax increases of $1.5 Trillion, that will start NOW, they will also raise the debt limit.

You will start hearing that this is a comprehensive major approach to solving the Debt Crisis and it is the only responsible way to save this nation from defaulting on its obligations.  All the same rhetoric that you have heard before and Obama has been spewing over the past months regarding raising the debt ceiling.  The Democrats are even replaying old Reagan clips where the Gipper pressured Congress to Raise the Debt Ceiling.  Who cares whether Reagan, Bush or Obama have been on the Side of Raising the Debt Ceiling, or not in Obama’s case, the point is we have a spending problem, not a Debt Ceiling problem.  Has raising the debt ceiling ever reduced spending?  The answer is no!  It is time to hold this government’s feet to the fire and make them start doing their job and get this government under control fiscally!  Are most Republicans better than their Democrat counterparts when it comes to raising Debt Ceilings?  Obviously not since the Debt Ceiling has been Raised 100 times since the law was enacted.  Over a 94 year period, the Debt Ceiling has been raised 102 times.

Tell Congress to Solve the Debt Problem using Simple Steps that can be Measured and Openly Debated:

  1. Forget 10 year plans, Focus on today’s spending and the spending in the 2012 budget year.  Cap the 2012 budget at $2.9 Trillion which is equal to the 2008 budget.  The current estimated budget for 2012 is $3.7 Trillion even though no budget has been adopted.  In 2012, we can set the spending cut plan for 2013.  Politicians only think in terms of election cycles.  10 year plans are merely a campaign tool that they use. 
  2. Tie the Debt Ceiling to 20% of the US GDP.  This is plenty of revenue for the Federal Government.  In the next 2 years, only approve Debt Ceiling increases as the cost cuts are enacted in the #1 above and not to exceed $15.5 Trillion.  If the spending is held under $3 Trillion, there is a good chance that we would run a minimal deficit in 2012. (minimal in the context of the past 3 years)
  3. Social Security:  Reinstate the COLAs to seniors now, and quit taxing their benefits.  Then, the Senate and the House can hold committee hearings, openly, on the development of plans to reform social security over the longer term.  The committee would have 6 months to compete their work.
  4. Medicare:  The Senate and the House can hold committee hearings, openly, on the development of plans to reform Medicare over the longer term.  The committee would have 6 months to compete their work.
  5. Obamacare:  Hopefully the Supreme Court will hear the arguments this Fall and decide before 1/1/2012.  If not, the election of 2012 will decide the fate of this ill-fated law.

We have to slow down Washington and get them to do their job, that we gave them, in a methodical manner that is duly deliberated and open to the public.  We don’t need mega-plans, big deals, or 10 year extravaganzas!  We need intelligent governance.  And, we need it now!

RD Pierini


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