US/Global Crisis-Is there an Answer Out There You can Rely On?

Are you worried about the Federal government spending, the debt ceiling mess, healthcare, decay of our society in general?  Are you experiencing financial difficulties, job layoff, losing or have lost your home, cars etc.?  Don’t look to Washington DC for answers, they are not there

We all need to find peace in our own lives before we can regroup and get this nation going again.  Dr. Charles Stanley’s new book, “The Rising Tide” can offer you a fresh look at today’s events from a whole new perspective and offer you a path to peace for you and your family.  Dr. Stanley points out in his book that;  “The dark, threatening clouds roll in—large, turbulent, and overwhelming. They destroy our peace and security, and we cannot escape their fury. We don’t know what to do or where to go, I am convinced that our country is facing just such a storm. We are experiencing a destructive, man-made tide, that is deteriorating our country at a frightening pace. And as an American citizen, father, grandfather, and preacher of the Word, I feel the responsibility to speak up about the issues in our country and in our personal lives that require our attention and intercession as believers.”

Whether you are of the Christian, Muslim, or of the Jewish faith this book is a must read.  To often we have sought guidance from politicians and world leaders.  We are looking for answers from those who brought us to this precipice.  It is time for a new approach to remedying our problems and those of the world…

What do you have to lose???


RD Pierini

You can order the book at:


Directly from Dr. Stanley at:


Professionalism is Appreciated

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