Dump Obama and AARP–Why AARP is in Bed with Obama

AARP started out as an advocate for Senior Citizens but since the campaign to create, pass and implement Obamacare, AARP’s allegiance has shifted to Obama and his administration to the detriment of the membership of AARP.  How did this happen?

  1. AARP is two related companies. 
    1. AARP, Inc., which is the non-profit entity that manages the membership portion of the business and conducts the lobbying efforts ostensibly for the benefit of their 40,000,000 members.
    2. AARP Services, Inc. is the Medicare, auto, life, home, and long-term care insurance provider.  It also offers travel and entertainment services to the members of AARP, Inc.. 
    3. One major conflict of interest is the co-mingling of board members between AARP, Inc. and AARP Services, Inc..  The former is supposedly a non-profit advocate for Seniors while the latter is a FOR PROFIT insurance company that may or may not act as an advocate for AARP members when it is to the company’s best interest to generate higher revenue streams and/or higher profits.  It is this conflict that is at the core of the problem with AARP and Obamacare!  The for profit insurance part of AARP generates
  2. AARP Services is a provider of Medicare supplemental insurance through its insurance partner, the giant UnitedHealth Group.  AARP wanted to make sure it was in a profitable and growth position as Obamacare was rolled out so AARP became a spokesman for Obamacare, regardless of the impact of Obamacare on Medicare and Senior Citizens.  Obamacare could have absorbed the role of MediGap providers such as AARP but found it advantageous to use AARP’s membership loyalty to help promote the passage and implementation of Obamacare.
  3. Obamacare will phase out Medicare Advantage leaving a gap in Medicare coverage for Seniors.  AARP made sure it was in with the administration so it could be the preferred provider for MediGap insurance, the ultimate replacement for Medicare Advantage. 
  4. Obamacare insures the currently uninsured, non senior citizens, partly by reducing Medicare coverage by $500B.  These dollars will be shifted over to Medicaid to the detriment of Seniors.  AARP will be in a position to charge its members higher premiums to make up for the coverage loses that are inevitable due to the cuts in Medicare.  AARP could generate an additional $3.4B in premiums from the increased MediGap coverage which could yield a profit of $166,000,000 for AARP ServicesNot a bad return for merely turning your back on your members!
  5. In 2008, AARP became even more partisan during that year’s elections.  AARP joined Divided We Fail which was an initiative supposedly to promote improvements in healthcare and long-term financial security.  Also joining this effort was the  Business Roundtable and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Andy Stern’s organization.  The Business Roundtable is usually a politically center organization made up of CEOs from major US corporations such as American Express, General Electric, Wal-Mart, and others.  SEIU, however, is a whole other story.  SEIU’s Andy Stern is the single most frequent visitor to the White House.  SEIU stands to gain handsomely by Unionizing all healthcare workers, including doctors and nurses.  AARP stands to pick up the lion’s share of the MediGap insurance.  AARP and SEIU were a perfect match for Obama to help push Obamacare.  AARP was the upstanding advocate for Senior Citizens that could be the out in front pitchman and SEIU could work behind the scenes to organize the efforts and provide street manpower for rallies and events.
  6. AARP also receives $100,000,000 from Obama in the form of grants!  This was the cherry on top of the sundae for AARP’s support.  This is “free money” to help offset AARP’s membership losses when many member bolted in 2008-2009 upon learning that AARP sold them out in favor of Obamacare.
  7. AARP management salaries have continued to escalate substantially over its life requiring its management to push the organization to higher and higher revenue and profit levels.  Merely management membership and publishing a magazine would not support the lifestyles of the higher flying executive types such as the former AARP President, William Novelli who received $1,647,419 in compensation prior to his leaving in 2009.  This salary level was substantially higher than his counterparts in other large charitable organizations by almost 50%!  The average senior citizen who belongs to AARP had an annual income of $31,314 in 2009…

AARP is just another sad example of an organization that was founded with admirable goals who morphed into a politically driven cash machine.   You are now seeing AARP advertisements, that you are paying for, denouncing Republican budget proposals.  Why aren’t they balancing their ads with the lack of budget proposals from Democrats?  Or, questioning the rising cost of Medicare to seniors with corresponding decreases in services?  The government is robbing Social Security and Medicare by taking our funds and loaning them back to themselves to feed their spending frenzy.  You have loaned your government $2.7 TRILLION from your Social Security contributions.  They also keep creating other programs that have to be paid by both of these funds that have nothing to do with providing seniors health and retirement security.  This government is bankrupting Social Security and Medicare, a no budget alternative will not save us from them.   We need serious discussions to deal with these issues, not partisan advocates like AARP who get into lockstep with a government rather than fight for our causes…


I am a senior citizen who is checking out The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC).  I have not joined yet but I am seriously looking into this alternative.  I am looking for an organization that understands the needs of seniors and an appreciation that we have built this country and have paid into Social Security and Medicare.  We deserve better than partisan representation.  We need an independent assessment of facts that we can rely on. 

Whatever you do,


Check out The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) at http://www.amac.us/.  I am…

RD Pierini





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