Obama Out to Impoverish Seniors Even More–Seniors, DUMP OBAMA & AARP

Seniors-Get Involved

If you are a Senior Citizen, as am I, and you support Obama and/or AARP, which I do not, then you really need to understand that neither have your best interest at heart. 

Obama is proposing to implement a new “CHAINED CONSUMER PRICE INDEX” versus the current Consumer Price Index.  The reason for the new bait and switch name is to show a lower level of inflation than is normally calculated in the current Consumer Price Index and thus REDUCE ANY FUTURE INCREASES IN YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS.   He has made sure you did not get a COLA Increase in the past 2 years by merely using a formula that said your cost of living did not go up!  This is ironic since your Medicare contributions have gone up, premiums, deductibles and co-insurance; gas prices have skyrocketed; and food prices are up over 4% in 2010 according to Wal-Mart.  To add insult to injury, White House staffers’ average salary increase was 8%. If you look at only staffers who got raises, the average increase was 16%.  Matt Vogel went from $71,400 to $130,500 in one year.  He was either totally underpaid before or totally overpaid now!  That is almost a $5,000 per month increase.  If Obama allows a normal COLA increase of 2.5% for seniors, each senior would receive a whopping $50/month!  Congressional office budgets continue to go up.  And Lord knows Obama and his family certainly have enjoyed star-quality amenities since they have taken over.  


How about AARP?  This phony organization sold out to Obama to make sure they receive the cherries from Obamacare.  They are running ads against Republican Paul Ryan’s proposed changes to Social Security as stealing from seniors and worse.  The opposite is true.  While Obama has kept you from getting your COLA increases for two years, and is now proposing changes to limit future COLA increases, Ryan’s budget does not touch you.  Ryan’s changes only impact those who are 55 or younger and ARE NOT RECEIVING SOCIAL SECURITY.  This deception is criminal and both Obama and AARP are out to use Senior Citizens as cash cows by stealing the money you have already paid in. 

What are we going to do when Obamacare has to raise Medicare even more to cover all of those who were not covered before?  Obama has proposed $500,000,000,000 in hard cuts to Medicare to pay for these additional insured persons who did not pay into Medicare nearly as much as you have.  Do you have any recourse?  Not really.  Medicare is usually deducted from your Social Security check.  At the rate Obama and AARP is going, you will be receiving a bill from the government rather than your social security check.

If you think Obama or AARP care even a little bit about Seniors, you are sadly mistaken.  By the time many of you wake up, you will be wondering what happened to your social security check that has disappeared. 

Check out The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) as an alternative to AARP.  Go to http://www.amac.us/ and check them out.  Every dime you spend with AARP is money going to support Obama’s anti-senior policies.  If AMAC ever sells out seniors politically, we will find another organization to represent us.  We helped build this nation and many of our high school and college friends died or were injured defending this country.  Now it is our time to take up the cause and fight against this silent tyranny.

RD Pierini




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