What You Missed While Watching the Casey Anthony Fiasco

Obama had to love having the trial of Casey Anthony capture the attention of the American Public for the past 3 or so weeks.  While you were watching that trial, Obama was busy and the bad economic news was plentiful, albeit un-noticed.

Oil Prices:  Spiked upward until today the Brent Crude oil price finished just slightly under the June 22nd high.  On Tuesday, Brent Crude actually topped the June 22nd price of $114.21 finishing at $114.44!  I guess the Obama Smoke and Mirrors routine with the Strategic Oil Reserve did not work so well.  IT IS THE UNREST IN THE MIDDLE EAST THAT IS THE CULPRIT AND IT IS MOSTLY CAUSED BY OBAMA’S IDIOTIC FOREIGN POLICY!  Get out of Libya and stabilize the rest of the Middle East and oil prices will subside.

Job Market:  The US Job market would be weak if the numbers were just for the State of Vermont and not the entire country.  In June, we added a measly 36,000 jobs and to make matters worse, 24,000 of those jobs were IN THE GOVERNMENT SECTOR!  The DOL revised down the numbers for April and May as well.  Before the revision, the net job “growth” for the two months combined was 47,000 jobs.  The DOL revised this down to 3,000 jobs added for April and May COMBINED.  It takes about 180,000 new jobs each month to absorb new workers coming into the work force from immigration and new workers coming out of school. 

Cost of the Stimulus: (1)  President Barack Obama’s stimulus package has cost taxpayers $278,000 for every job it created!  If we had just given every worker $100,000 each, we could have saved over $425 Billion Dollars over what the Stimulus cost…  The WH has the B….s to say that the Stimulus saved or created 3,600,000 jobs!  Really!  Where?  China?  A. Barton Hinkle had a great analogy regarding the Stimulus as he compared it to a PURSE SNATCHER!  He used the idea that a purse snatcher stole a purse containing $500 then spent the $500 buying himself a new Television. 

He said:  “It is categorically undeniable that the theft has created a sale for the TV store. Conservatives who pretend the stimulus has not created any jobs whatsoever stand in the position of an observer trying to deny the TV has been sold.  Yet the liberal analysis lacks any recognition that the purse owner now has $500 less to spend on the laptop computer she was going to buy. The theft has generated one sale only by destroying another.  The first effect is easily seen. The second is not.  But only the economically illiterate would conclude that just the first effect occurred, and that therefore the way to increase consumption is to encourage more purse-stealing.”

And Don’t forget our Fearless Leader’s Magic quote regarding the stimulus:  “Shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected.”

Obama Balloons WH Aides and $$$$$$$:  Obama is spending over $37,000,000 a year for HIS WH aides!  No recession there!  He has 21 aides that make over $170,000 per year.  He has 141 aides making $100,000 per year.  He has increased the number of staff by 7 and is spending more than $4,000,000 than Bush did in 2007.  This is at a time when the rest of the country is doing with much less.

Mrs. O’s African Vacation:  While the prosecution and the defense attorneys in the Anthony case were trying to out dumb the other, Michelle Obama spend $800,000 on a little trip to Africa for her, her daughters, and a few friends.  This is on the heels of the monstrosity of a European trip taken just weeks earlier by her and her hubby.  Upon her return, the happy couple will take off for Martha’s Vineyard for a much deserved vacation.  What Recession?  What Debt Crisis?  Not for Obama and his family!

Food Stamp Usage Increases:  Obama had already broke the record for being the President with the highest number of Food Stamp recipients in the history of this country.  Last week he BEAT HIS OWN FOOD STAMP RECORD!  Way to go Mr. President. 

Increasing Domestic Unrest:  As more and more are unemployed, and those who are on unemployment are running out of benefits, and prices at the pump and at the grocery store keep rising everyday, street violence is ramping up quickly.  Just this weekend, the headlines from Drudge included:

  • Mob in Peoria shoots fireworks at police, firefighters…
  •  MAYHEM IN MOBILE: 300+ fight on street corner, man shot in face…
  • 13 stabbed, shot in Boston in just 5 hours…
  • CHICAGOLAND: 5 Dead, 23 Hurt Over Violent Holiday Weekend…
  • 4-Year-Old Boy Shot While Watching Baltimore Fireworks…
  • 2 Shot During Massive Brawl Outside Atlantic City Casino…
  • Dozens of teens loot store, then attack passersby…

We have a lot of summer left with no end in sight to the economy repression…

Foreign Policy:  Some of the more bizarre headlines that you missed were on the foreign policy front. 

  • Afghanistan:  Obama ignored General Petraeus’s  recommendation and began a much larger scale troop withdrawal than recommended by the military.  Of course with Obama’s vast military experience in Chicago he knows best.
  • Iraq:  June was one of the bloodiest months we have had in Iraq since Bush left office. 
  • Muslim Brotherhood:  Obama became the first American President to recognize the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  He wants to have formal talks with them to make sure they have good intentions!  These are the same people whose website calls for the overthrow of the US and its allies.  Good guys to sit down and chat with. 
  • Libya:  Obama continued to ignore his Constitutional responsibilities and ignored the War Powers Act and did not go to Congress for approval of his “non kinetic” bombing of Libya.  Of course, Congress did not do anything either other than hold a few press conferences.  So we have a President who is Extra Constitutional and a Congress who ignores their responsiblity to be the check and balance to an out of control Executive Branch.  Tennis anyone!?

Constitutional Disasters:  Obama has open contempt for the US Constitution and our Founders who created it.  He has no regard for the rule of law as defined by the Constitution but holds dear the tenets of International Progressive Laws, including Sharia.

  • Defense of Marriage Act:  He has openly stated that he does not believe that DOMA is constitutional and that he has no intention of enforcing it!  I think that bank robbery should be legal so I am going to go and rob a bank.  Both are absurd but the former is even more dangerous as it is the sworn duty of the President of the United States to uphold and defend the Constitution, and the Laws of the Land.  He has no intention of doing either…
  • States Rights VS International Law:  Obama is trying to strong-arm Governor Rick Perry of Texas to stay the execution of a convicted murderer-rapist who is an illegal alien.  (see https://savernation.wordpress.com/2011/07/04/who-speaks-for-adra-sauceda-not-obama-not-the-un-not-womens-activists-not-the-international-community/)  Basically Obama is ignoring two recent Supreme Court decisions that said unequivocably that States have the right to make their own decisions regarding domestic matters regardless of the existence of International Treaties that may conflict with the State Law.  At issue is the right of States to notify, or not, foreign consulates when one of their citizens commits a crime in the US.  In this case an Mexican Illegal Alien was arrested and convicted of the rape and murder of a 16-year-old Texas girl.  Obama is trying to tell Perry that the 1963 Vienna Convention takes precedence over Texas Laws. 
  • War Powers Act:  Obama continues to ignore this law and refused to go to Congress to get approval for his increasing bombing levels in Libya.  He doesn’t even bother to talk about it with the American People. 

So, while reality shows and televised court trials captivate our imagination, the real world goes on.  Those who can harm us use these opportunities to continue to thwart our freedoms, our economic futures and our goals for their own interests.  It is good to get away but not to lose focus. 

RD Pierini






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