Iran Can Wipe Out Miami Florida with a Missile But we are Chasing Gaddafi Duck?

Iran/Venezuela, The Real Threat

Sound far-fetched?  It isn’t.  Iran (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ) and Venezuela (Hugo Chavez) are thicker than thieves and are cooperating on several military fronts including mutual support for military buildup of conventional and nuclear weapons.  Today, Iran announced that they successfully launched 14 missiles on Tuesday.  Iran’s IRNA announced that they had fired the missiles simultaneously and achieved a range of 1,250 miles.  The missiles that were fired included nine Zelzal missiles, two Shahab-1s, two Shahab-2s and one upgraded Shahab-3 missile.  The IRNA went on to say that IRNA that “…while Iran had the technological capacity to build longer-range missiles, the 2,000-km range had been chosen precisely with Israel and U.S. bases in mind…”  While they did not mention giving missiles to Venezuela, they have already shipped missiles to our South American Neighbor in the recent past.

Couple this with Iran’s relentless pursuit of nuclear weaponry, we have a problem Houston!  Yes, Houston is also within range of the extended versions of Iran’s missile arsenal.  How long do you think it will take them, working with North Korea, who can reportedly reach our West Coast with their missiles, to be able to reach, San Francisco, Dallas, Washington DC, or New York City?

Why Libya?

But, we are hell-bent on taking out Gaddafi Duck in Libya?  We have had literally hundreds of reasons to take out Gaddafi in the past, like the Pan Am Airline Bombing, but we have not.  Why now?  And why can’t Obama get in front of Congress and the American People and explain what we are doing in Libya and why won’t he seek and obtain Congressional Approval?  Is this a sleight of hand to keep us focused on a non threat while he allows Iran to become the nuclear stalemate in the Middle East?  Or, allow Iran to develop nuclear capabilities to the point of threatening Israel thus provoking a war in the Middle East.  These may be far-fetched and conspiratorial but that is what will soon be reality in the Middle East.

Also on the subject of Libya, our warring with Libya is keeping that country from exporting its oil and is helping to drive up gas prices all around the world.  Can’t this administration walk and chew gum at the same time or be able to see that one action can lead to an undesirable reaction?  I guess that since Obama does not think we are engaged in a Kinetic Action in Libya that the impact on gas prices by restricting the flow of oil from that country who has one of the three top oil reserves in the world is non kinetic.  Check the gas prices lately?  They are still just below $4.00 in California…

  • In the meantime, our southern States will soon be vulnerable to attack from Iran’s allies in South America. 
  • Our soldiers in Afghanistan will soon be required to do more with less contrary to the opinions given to Obama by HIS generals.
  • We still don’t have a defined policy for Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, or any other hot spot in the Middle East. 

All we do have is an illegal war being waged in Libya and our President insisting that Israel, our only real ally in the Middle East, cease building their settlements on their own land.

RD Pierini


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