Illegal Immigration-Southern Baptist Convention Vs FAIR-Amnesty?

The Question Remains, What do you do with 13,000,000 or So

Illegals in the Country Today?  (note 1)


by RD Pierini

The Federation For American Immigration Reform (FAIR) views the recent resolution by the Southern Baptist Conference (SBC) as supporting Immigration Amnesty.  The SBC passed a resolution Wednesday advocating a path to legal status for illegal immigrants but tempered their resolution by adding that the resolution should not be construed as an endorsement of amnesty.  The SBC Resolution Chairman Paul Rameriz also said that the main reason for the resolution was the desire to spread the gospel to immigrants. 

FAIR countered through their media spokesman, Ira Mehlman, when Mehlman stated:  “The bottom line is that we’re talking about taking millions of people who violated our laws, and in the end granting them legal status,” says the FAIR media director. “I think most Americans would consider that to be amnesty. Other people might prefer to use euphemisms, but the American people understand what it is.”

SBC Position:  Assuming that the SBC’s statement can be taken at face value, their position appears to be that the current illegals in the country need to be given some roadmap to becoming legal citizens of the US.  Theoretically ,this position could range from making them go back to Mexico, or wherever, and reapplying for US citizenship to filling at an application here in the US and waiting here in the US for approval. 

FAIR Position:  Assuming that FAIR had a definitive position on what they think should be done with the illegals in the country, I went to their website at to see what their position actually was.  I must confess, while their website is well-organized and contains a great deal of very good information and data, I could not find a policy statement or recommendation when it came to what FAIR believed to be a fair treatment for illegals in this country.  As a proponent for tough border security and sound immigration policy, I was disappointed to say the least.  If anyone finds such a position statement, please let me know what it is. 

So, since I have written many articles on illegal immigration with very specific recommendations, I cannot believe that it is all that difficult to develop a policy statement and publish it.  Then, when organizations such as the Southern Baptist, Catholic Church or whoever is trying to deal with this complex issue, they can have something to use a guideline or benchmark.

In the past I have documented some talking points on the various aspects of immigration reform actions that may help to solve the problem.  They included:

  • Secure the Border, period!
  • Modify ICE so the Immigration Control and  Enforcement is a standalone function with technical ties to other agencies to ensure proper communications.  Move Customs over to the IRS where it belongs.
    • Create a governing board for the new agency that is made up of voting delegates from each State, with other agency advisement participation such as the FBI, BLM, IRS, etc..
  • Get rid of Sanctuary Cities and States:  If needed, Congress should pass a law to make it illegal for any Federal, State, or Local entity or there agents to harbor, abet, or fail to detain any illegal immigrant that they come in contact with and require that these individuals contact Immigration Control and  Enforcement and turn these individuals over to that agency.  The Federal Government must pay for all local costs associated with this enforcement.
  • Create a Guest Worker Program similar to the Bracero program that was enacted in 1947 and was abolished in 1964, primarily due to pressure by US labor unions.  Quotas would be set based on our own economic conditions and labor needs.
  • Create an Assimilation Program.  I realize some may say this is amnesty but is has consequences for the illegal aliens.
      • All existing illegal immigrants must register with ICE within 6 months.  Any person in the US illegally who did not register would be deported immediately and they would have to apply through the normal processes from their home country.
      • Each Applicant must document prior earnings and pay all back Federal, State, and Local income, payroll and other taxes that are owed or be subject to deportation.
      • Each Applicant must pay an illegal entry fine of $2,000 per person or be deported.
      • If an applicant or their family is on a public assistance program, these benefits would be immediately terminated or the person(s) could be deported.
      • Each applicant must undergo the same medical, criminal and social screening process as all legal immigrants.  The existing laws should be reviewed to insure that they meet today’s challenges and terrorism dangers.
      • Any applicant and their family found to be in violation of any facet of the screening requirements would be deported immediately.
      • If the applicant does not have sufficient money to pay the fines, back taxes or other associated costs, they must show how they intend to pay off the debt.  The IRS would be notified and appropriate liens would be issued to secure the debt against property or future earnings JUST LIKE THEY DO FOR U.S. TAXPAYERS WHO CAN’T PAY THEIR TAXES ON TIME!
      • All costs to process and deport a person would be kept in a database.  If that person applied for citizenship at a later date from their home country, these costs would have to be repaid prior to granting access to the US.

Some would call my “assimilation program” amnesty I am sure.  But my question is, “How does anyone propose you round-up 13,000,000 or so who will be hiding if you have a strictly forced deportation policy?”  I am curious to hear specific proposals that would elevate these issues to the level of rational debate.  If you can round-up 13,000,000 people somehow, great!  We are spending in somewhere in the ballpark of $100B a year to support illegal immigrants in the US.  Everyday there is a new perk given to the illegal immigrants by politicians with no real solution to the core problem.  Americans are not mean people but they also do not like to be taken advantage of. 

So, Conservatives, let’s start putting together concrete positions that can be debated by the American public.  Forget politics and whether we will get the Hispanic, Chinese, or whatever constituency, to vote for us.  If the policy is sound, we will not lose any votes.  If we keep hiding our positions, then we allow the left to define our positions.  Right now we are somewhere between amnesty and a Gestapo type of group going in and dragging families out of their homes and trucking them in cattle cars across the border…  This is nuts and it is irresponsible.

Quit hiding behind Churches and making them the bad guys.  They are on our side, They just want to know what is behind the curtains in our side!

Congress and many administrations have proven they are incapable to deal with immigration in any meaningful way.  This next election should provide us with a clear-cut immigration policy based on our own national self-interest, like the rest of the world. 

Note (1)  The 13,000,000 illegal immigrant number was taken from FAIR’s website.


2 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration-Southern Baptist Convention Vs FAIR-Amnesty?”

  1. I will not support amnesty for anyone in any way. They need to study and learn our Constitution first and understand our laws . Not come over here and try to change us and everything we stand for.

    1. No real issue with your position. Somehow we need to get Washington to come up with apolitical solutions and create immigration laws and security that makes sense… Oops, sorry, that in and of itself does not make sense, having Washington actually solving problems…

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