The Conservative Instinct–Look for It in Your Republican Candidate

When you live by conservative principles, you don’t have to think about how you answer questions like:

  • How do you fix healthcare?
  • How do you fix the economy?
  • How do you fix the budget deficit?
  • How do you fix Global Warming?

The answers are grounded in the CONSERVATIVE INSTINCT:  “How can individuals be empowered to solve the issue at hand”?  Not, “How can government be empowered to solve the issue at hand”?  Reagan had the Conservative Instinct and that is why he was never stumped for a response to a question.  Palin, Bachman, Santorum and others have this same instinct and that is why they have been historically consistent in their positions…

When you are assessing a Republican Candidate, look at the positions they have taken in the past and/or how they have voted or enabled specific solutions, then bounce those positions off of the CONSERVATIVE INSTINCT  .  When Republican candidates are on the stage, in a press conference, giving a speech, etc., just listen to their answers and assess them against the CONSERVATIVE INSTINCT.  If the Candidate leans toward the government solution over the individual solution, then you should judge them accordingly.  This person’s position on this issue is NOT CONSERVATIVE, but Progressive. 

Also, if you are laboring under any doubts that Government Can’t Solve Problems versus the fact that Government Can Only Create Problems, (which they love to march in a fix for you), then consider just a few of the areas government has provided solutions:

  • Social Security:  The Government cannot even give the Seniors a COLA increase from a fund that the Seniors paid into and the government uses a a source of loans to cover their debt.
  • Medicare:  The Government continues to increase premiums to the Seniors while cutting more and more services.  Obamacare slices one half a trillion dollars out of Medicare so they can cover the 20 million or so uninsured who don’t want coverage in the first place.
  • Federal Deficit:  The Government is quite good at spending your future money and that of your children and grandchildren.  They can’t even stop writing checks for programs no one wants.
  • Education:  After Carter Federalized education and created the Department of Education, US student performance against other developed, and some no so developed nations, has plummeted to all time lows.
  • Energy:  Since Carter Federalized the Energy Policy, we have become more dependent on foreign sources of energy and less inclined to develop domestic sources. 
  • Mail Delivery: Do I really need to go into this?
  • Environmental Protection:  Since the EPA became operational in 1970 under Nixon, it has merely become a mechanism for the environmental activists to stop growth and now has become a catalyst for Taxation via Cap and Trade.  The EPA is probably the single largest detriment to US business development in the US and one of the primary causes for the exportation of jobs.
  • This list could go on for many pages…

Basically, you can make your assessment of the candidates simpler by applying a simple test in just a few key areas.  Just ask if the candidate would support these statements under each of the 4 categories.

  • Healthcare:  If the candidate believes that:
    • The Candidate believes that since President Johnson signed Medicare, the entire healthcare industry has been taken hostage by the Federal Government, then he or she is a conservative.
    • Government should privatize healthcare and get out of the healthcare business, then he or she is a conservative.
    • Government should quit artificially manipulating Healthcare costs via their setting of insane Medicare reimbursement concepts, then he or she is a conservative.
    • Government should privatize Medicare and Medicaid via the open market.  Since we all pay into Medicare, then the government should treat our “contributions” as a health savings accounts and allow us to use this money to offset the private plan we chose; then he or she is a conservative.
    • If the Government is going to “certify” the safety of drugs or procedures via the FDA, then the liability of the manufacturers should be limited to $250K per claim, then he or she is a conservative.
    • If someone wants to buy private healthcare insurance, they should be able to do so across state lines and even go to international carriers if available, then he or she is a conservative. 
    • Tort  Reform is one of the keys to lowering healthcare costs, then he or she is a conservative.
  • Economy:  If the candidate believes that:
    • The Government is the principal hindrance to economic growth through tax and regulatory policy, then he or she is a conservative.
    • Corporate tax rates should be lowered substantially, then he or she is a conservative.
    • Overseas Corporate Profits should not be taxed by the US if the capital is returned to the US for investment in the US, then he or she is a conservative.
    • Individual tax rates should be lowered substantially, then he or she is a conservative.
    • All Federal Department regulations should be reviewed and eliminated if found to be detrimental to job creation, then he or she is a conservative.
    • All federal subsidies should be eliminated.  Including those embedded in the tax code, then he or she is a conservative.
    • Within 4 years, a flat tax would replace the current tax system and the IRS virtually eliminated, then he or she is a conservative.
  • Budget Deficit:  If the candidate believes that:
    • The Government cannot follow simple, sound fiscal disciplines and not spend more than should be logically allowed to take in via taxes.  15% of GDP is more than enough, then he or she is a conservative.
    • There needs to be a Constitutional Amendment requiring a super majority in Congress to increase taxes, then he or she is a conservative.
    • There needs to be a Constitutional Amendment mandating a balanced budget, then he or she is a conservative.
    • There needs to be a Constitutional Amendment requiring that the government pass a budget every year, then he or she is a conservative.
    • All Government Departments should be reviewed within 2 years and action taken to eliminate the department or curtail its scope and operation, then he or she is a conservative.
  • Global Warming:  If the candidate believes that:
    • If the Candidate believes that Climate Change is caused by human behavior and is a scientific fact, then you should not vote for them.  They will ultimately use the taxation of “carbon dioxide emissions” as a way to hinder growth.

Don’t be fooled by a candidate that looks good in their clothes or who is a dynamic speaker.  Those are good game show attributes but have nothing to do with whether that person would make a good President.  If you have issues voting for a woman, you may want to ask yourself why and hopefully you will be able to overcome your phobia.  After all, you took orders from your mother for around 18 years, 4 more won’t kill you!

If the Republican Party runs another “Obama-Lite” or “Progressive-Lite” like we did in 2008, then we will probably have to live with 4 more years of Obama.  I truly doubt this Nation and the Western World would survive 4 more years of Obama.

RD Pierini


2 thoughts on “The Conservative Instinct–Look for It in Your Republican Candidate”

  1. You keep talking about “government” as though it is some mysterious entity nobody knows anything about and nobody has any control over. Why is that? The ‘government’ is composed of people, many elected by citizens. The biggest deficits and debts have historically been under repub administrations. Check the facts for a change. You throw around a phrase, “Tax and spend Democrats”. That’s so cute. I know it works on your base since the vast majority of them are grade school dropouts that hate ‘elitist’ educated people. Do you think at all about this phrase? What you are saying is that Democrats actually fund anything they do before they do it, unlike the repubs. I have coined my own phrase for the repubs and it fits very well. Its, “BORROW AND SPEND REPUBLICANS”. That is what got America into this deep hole.

    The “government” is not some mysterious entity. It’s composed of people. It’s at it’s worst when those people are conservatives. You cons are a self-fulfilling prophesy. You say gov’t doesn’t work then get elected and do everything you possibly can to destroy gov’t so it won’t work. Great going. I’m sure America loves you for the deep crap you’re incompetence has let loose on us.

    Social Security: The cap needs to be raised on income. Since cons are so against this then don’t complain when there is not a COLA every year. Besides, correct me if I’m wrong but this year inflation didn’t increase the cost of living, which is what COLA is.

    Medicare: I guess the cons plan of throwing seniors under the bus is much better, huh? Name one insurance company that has an overhead at least as low as Medicare.

    Federal Deficit: Cons make a big deal about this but then get awfully touchy when they are reminded of whom it was that created the monster deficit to start with. Can you say St. Raygun? dubya?

    Education: The biggest reason for decline in education is the fact that local school boards control what is taught. If not for the wacky cons insisting creationism be taught then the schools wouldn’t have to pay for mulit-million dollar lawsuits they can’t possibly win. The other problem is so much money for education is diverted by vouchers to religious schools. Completely unconstitutional waste of taxpayers money. Point: private schools that use vouchers have not been shown to do better. As a matter of fact some have done so bad that they decided to not test students to see how well they do.

    Energy: Every repub administration uses people from big oil to set energy policy. I wonder why nothing else gets funded? While we’re at it, tell me why big oil companies with record profits still need to be subsidized by taxpayer money? Dems tried to stop it. Repubs wanted to keep it. Explain.

    Mail Delivery: Tell me of a single private carrier anywhere on the planet that will send a uniformed messenger to your home to pick up a letter and deliver it, in two – three days, to its destination with another uniformed messenger for $0.44. That’s forty-four cents. Where else can you get this service? Yeah, let’s talk about the mail.

    Environmental Protection: The repubs have spent years defunding and gutting the EPA. You rich, fat, greedy cons can go live somewhere else. What do you care if America becomes a stinking cesspool of chemical waste and pollution from coal plants with water that is poisonous from all the fracking that’s going on. Stripping the EPA of any real power and giving corps the green light to pollute at will really sounds like a great policy.

    Tell me of a single issue in the history of the nation that conservatives have been on the right side of from the beginning. Just one. I’ve thought and can’t come up with any. How about slavery? NO. Women’s rights? NO Civil Rights? NO Women Voting? NO Healthcare? NO Environment? NO I just can’t come up with a single one. Maybe you can tell me.

    Conservatives have a disease. It’s called nostalgia. You think the 1950s were a fantastic time. Of course, as all folks with that disease you tend to remember it through a rose-colored lens that distorts the truth. If you were a woman, a minority, gay, the wrong religion or any one of a myriad of other things you were considered an outsider or had no rights. Great time to live — if you were a rich, white, anglo-saxon protestant male. In other words, a WASP. Cons stick to the old ways simply because they are old.

    1. Many of your comments reference text that was not in the post in question.

      There are too many factual errors in your text to respond to each individually.

      You asked about where Republicans were on key historical issues: You can fact check these if you wish.

      Lincoln (a Republican) issued the executive order known as the Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves in the 10 rebellious states. Lincoln, following the Civil War push for and got Congress to pass the 13th Amendment ending slavery forever in the US. The states ratified the Amendment on December 6, 1865.

      Womens Sufferage: Republicans in the Senate were in the clear majority with 36 of the 56 Aye votes to pass the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote. The house was virutally uncontested with a total vote of 304 to 89.

      Civil Rights: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was basically carried by Republicans supporting the Democrat President, John F. Kennedy. The Vote in the Senate was 82% Republicans to 69% Democrats. The vote in the House was 80% Republicans to 63% Democrats.

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