The “Weiner Solution”, a Short Story

It is hard to get rid of a bad Weiner.  Here is a thought or three on how to resolve this issue with a pesky Weiner. 

  1. Speaker Boehner should just change the lock on Anthony Weiner’s office! 
  2. Speaker Boehner should stop paying for Weiner’s Blackberry account, PLEASE
  3. The media should stop writing about the Weiner.  He loves the attention.

If these three things happen, we will never have to see his aesthetically challenged face on TV again nor hear his obnoxious voice.  Please, no more interviews with this guy.  As they say at picnics, “Stick a Fork in him, he is done!.

RD Pierini

One thought on “The “Weiner Solution”, a Short Story”

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