Obama’s 5 Wars-At Least 3 Will Aid Our Enemies

WOW!  The Pres has added three new wars to our already full dance card since taking office just 2 years and 5 months ago, seem like much longer ago.  The wars are:

  • Libya  (yes, it has been months and we are still there without the consent of a limp Congress)
  • Yemen  (Did not know about this one did you!)
  • America (this is his best war yet and one he is winning and you are losing.)

Then of course we have the tried and true wars in:

  • Afghanistan (Don’t know if an when we are getting out but it is soon, maybe, unless…)
  • Iraq (Looks like the Iraqis are going to ask us to hang around a bit longer and pump more money into their economy while they pump more out and sell it to anyone else but the US)

Libya:  Forget the War Powers Act and Congress, this is a non-kinetic action but we are still killing lots of people and blowing lots of stuff up.  But it is non kinetic.  Kinetic is defined as being caused by motion or pertaining to motion so non-kinetic would be a lack of motion or not pertaining to any motion.  I guess we have come up with new ways for airplanes to fly without moving;  a new way for Cruise Missiles to hit their targets without moving; new ways for bullets to rip through human beings without moving…  We are killing in Libya mainly because Obama’s little sweety Samantha Power told him to do it.  She is the same person who said the US might one day invade Israel to disarm it and support a Palestinian state!  Really?  So maybe Sam can tell us how she plans on cutting out Al Qaeda if they succeed in getting rid of Kadaffi-Duck?  Yes, Al Qaeda has been widely reported, especially in the less Obama Biased European media, to be behind the rebels in an attempt to seize a very oil rick north African Nation.  Libya is perfect for Al Qaeda as it is large in land mass but small in population so easy to control after they seize power.  Good going Sam, maybe you should concentrate on a real genocide, like maybe Sudan?

Yemen:  Yes, Yemen.  You have not heard anything in the media about us attacking Yemen but we are.  BUT, in Yemen, we are supporting its dictatorial government and attacking the freedom fighters who are actually Al Qaeda!  Wow, I am confused.  In Libya, a dictator is bad but Al Qaeda is good.  In Yemen, a dictator is good but al Qaeda is bad?  I am still confused.  We are bombing with drones and MANNED AIRCRAFT.  I guess this has been going on for a long time.  The NYT reported:  “The recent operations come after a nearly year-long pause in American airstrikes, which were halted amid concerns that poor intelligence had led to bungled missions and civilian deaths that were undercutting the goals of the secret campaign”.  Just guessing but if we are at war with someone for more than 60 days doesnt the President have to get the approval of Congress?  As Buffy the Vampire Slayer would say, “MY BAD”!  This is President Obama who is above petty things called laws passed by those pesky people in Congress.  After all, the Constitution is a working document for him to tweak!

America:  I’ll keep this short.  Obama is destroying the value of our sovereign currency; our energy production; our manufacturing base; our jobs base; our housing market; our very way of life.  His efforts are aiding and abetting those who would seek to harm this great nation.  Period…

Add to these the long engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq where either the CIA or the Department of Defence is predicting a much longer tenure for our troops.  The probability of Afghanistan some day reverting to a Taliban type of government is high, especially if Obama does not deal with the Pakistan issues.  Iraq will continue to bleed us for as long as they can.  Bush was beat into submission by the left so that the US has no benefit of any of the oil production coming out of Iraq even though we paid to rebuild their facilities with both blood and money.  So in the long run, we got rid of Saddam which is a good thing.  But if the left would have looked out for our own self-interest, we may have at least had some economic payback for our efforts that no doubt have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

 Obama has no foreign policy except to strengthen Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood whenever possible.  He is setting this country up for an economic and possibly a physical downfall.  His actions in Libya, Yemen, here at home, Afghanistan, Iraq, and his inaction in Iran, Egypt, Tunisia and the Palestinian areas, are on target to destroy this nation and the west.    

We still have 1 year and 7 months of this President to endure.  Hold onto your seats, it will be a ride you will never forget and one that you can only watch as it unfolds.  Congress seems powerless or is not inclined to control this President so all you can do is watch and PRAY.  Better start right now, to PRAY…

RD Pierini

Read more on Newsmax.com: Obama’s Trusted Adviser May Cause Betrayal of Israel

3 thoughts on “Obama’s 5 Wars-At Least 3 Will Aid Our Enemies”

  1. Within hours of this attempted terrorist act of war upon American infidels dispatches from Al-Qaeda confirmed what the Nigerian would-be murderer had already confessed to the FBI that the bomber whose name is Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab had been trained in the use of detonating the explosive PETN by Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen. This is the same type of explosive that Al Qaeda terrorist Richard Reid had used in his attempt to down a Miami-bound airliner over the Atlantic in 2001. Had it not been for the heroic actions of some passengers on board the aircraft there could have been a horrible outcome with the death of all on board and a swath of death and destruction on the ground of Metropolitan Detroit. So how is it that President Obama waited until December 28 to make a response to this incident?

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