Eliminating Camel Poop to Save the Planet! What a Concept

The entire planet is melting down financially and the Progressive Wing Nuts are out in force.  The Australian Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency is proposing that CARBON CREDITS be given TO ANYONE KILLING CAMELS in the outback.  This group of wing nuts claims that the feral Camels produce one ton of carbon dioxide per year each, making them, and I quote, “collectively one of Australia’s major emitters of greenhouse gases”.  This entire insane policy is being wrapped in a larger “Carbon Farming Initiative” down under. 

Here is an idea, WHY DON’T WE PUT THOSE BUREAUCRATS OUT IN THE OUTBACK SHOVELING CAMEL DUNG SO THE REST OF US CAN COME UP WITH WAYS TO SAVE THIS PLANET ECONOMICALLY.  It won’t matter what you do to help, or not, the environment if we all starve to death which is the ultimate goal of the Progressive Wing Nuts.  Without human beings, there won’t be anyone left to disrupt the ecology of this planet and maybe if we are gone, the Camels can come back and continue to poop!

How much longer are we as rational human beings going to put up with this POOP from our local, state, federal and global governments and their insane Climate Change Bureaucrats? 

WE are running out of time…


RD Pierini


Professionalism is Appreciated

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