Bachmann Should Rethink Hiring Ed Rollins as Her Campaign Manager

Michelle Bachmann does not need enemies on the Right and today her campaign manager may have alienated one of the potentially best conservative ally Bachmann could possibly have, Sarah Palin.  Rollins attacked Palin in exactly the same way as the rest of the “beltway boys” and Washington Republican Elitist have been doing for some time. 

Rollins said regarding Sarah Palin: “Sarah has not been serious over the last couple of years,”.  Then, “She got the vice-presidential thing handed to her. She didn’t go to work in the sense of trying to gain more substance. She gave up her governorship.” 

Mr. Rollins has sipped one too many martinis with Charles Krauthammer and Karl Rove when it comes to Palin.  Palin was extremely instrumental in the election of the majority of the Tea Party candidates in 2010 and was a big boost to Bachmann’s own House campaign in 2010.  So, to say she has not been serious over the last couple of years is to ignore her hard work and efforts she put forth to help the Republican Party win back the house in 2010.  


Newsmax Insincere Reporting:  The Newsmax article by Dan Weil today, (linked below) is so typical of how insider Republican and Left-Wing hacks try to drive wedges between serious conservatives, especially Palin and Bachmann.  Weil quotes another unnamed source from Politico no less as saying that;  “…Palin has voiced “disdain” for Bachmann privately, a Palin associate told the news service.” If you can’t name the source, then it is untrue as far as most serious readers are concerned.  Weil finally countered by quoting Palin’s PAC treasurer, Tim Crawford, as saying “…that the rumors of Palin holding a grudge against Bachmann are “not true whatsoever,” pointing out that “Michele was the first person Sarah campaigned for in the 2010 cycle.”  Newsmax is better than to quote an unnamed sourced used in a Politico article.  You should rethink your editorial policies regarding unnamed sources, and you should CONSIDER THE SOURCE WHEN IT IS POLITICO…

Michelle Bachmann:  It is bad enough the left has a target on the back of both Palin and Bachmann but now Michelle has hired a hack that contributes to the arrows in Palin’s back.  Michelle, this is a serious mistake.  There are a great many of us who will leave you flat if you don’t come out publicly and refute Rollin’s statements.  You and Sarah need to stick together this season as the Good Lord knows you have enough enemies already.

ED ROLLINS:  You are wrong to take this approach and you should step down.  You have been inside of the Party too long to be objective and truly understand the Tea Party advocates and what they stand for.  What they will not stand for is petty back biting like you exhibited and the pitting of two of our favorite people against one another.  You should step down now before you ruin a very good woman’s chances of the nomination.

RD Pierini

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2 thoughts on “Bachmann Should Rethink Hiring Ed Rollins as Her Campaign Manager”

  1. ……………..Pawlenty not afraid of Palin…………………..By ………. CNN As he gets closer to officially deciding on a White House run likely presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty is heaping praise on one potential rival in particular – Sarah Palin. But the former Minnesota governor quickly adds hes not afraid of a candidacy from the GOP rock star – even though Palins name recognition far surpasses his own… I dont think its fair to say people are afraid of her he told ABCs Nightline in an interview that aired Friday. Its fair to say she is somebody whos got a lot of influence and can use it for good if she chooses to. .Pawlenty widely expected to throw his hat into the presidential run also acknowledged he is little known beyond political circles and has a long way to go to match the energy that Palin has harnessed since she was tapped as the GOP vice presidential candidate in 2008.

    1. Pawlenty is a good strong conservative who took the high road with Palin. Pawlenty and Bachmann need to point out the differences between themselves as conservatives and the not so conservative other candidates. I hope the country gets to know Pawlenty but his is so low key he is not a real lightning rod. Sounds like you are a supporter of Pawlenty and that is a good thing. We just cannot let our own campaigns give the other side ammunition against conservatives like Pawlenty, Bachmann, and Palin and Perry if they decide to run.

      Thanks for the comment

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