Obama Lies and Relies on American Ignorance

It is one thing when a weekend fisherman brags about the 3lb Bass he caught that actually weighed 1lb but it is another when the President of the Free World resorts to lying to make himself look good.  What this President doesn’t get is that Americans are not Ignorant and certainly not Stupid.  American can handle the truth, good or bad, and resent being told one lie after another.  For example…

Auto Bailout Repayment Lies:

When Obama said on June 4th, at a staged campaign speech in Ohio and reiterated during his weekly address to the nation, he gave you the impression that Chrysler repaid the entire amount of money it had borrowed from you the taxpayers.  But, silly you, you probably forgot a cute little caveat he had inserted at the end of his great news.  Those words were;  “…during my presidency”.  He did this in order to claim that Chrysler had come clean and repaid the taxpayers everything they owed.  BUT, these three little words allowed him to IGNORE THE $4BILLION THAT WAS LOANED TO CHRYSLER BY GEORGE W. BUSH!!! 

The accounting is simple:

  1. Amount Loaned by GW:  $  4,000,000,000
  2. Amount Loaned by BO:   $  8,500,000,000
  3. Total Loan:                        $ 12,500,000,000
  4. Repayment:                      $ 11,200,000,000  (Obama Claims this is a$2,700,000,000 Profit!!!  But, this is $1,300,000,000 Less than the Total Loans)
  5. Funny Money Loss:        $   1,300,000,000  (Equals 30% Taxpayer Loss on the Bush Loan, not including interest)

Why can’t Obama just come out and say the Chrysler Buyout cost us $1.3B but it was worth it to save the company if he believes it?  Why try to hide a loss from the American People? 

Ownership Losses:  Worse still, he stated that he has reached an agreement with Chrysler for the US Taxpayers to sell their remaining stock in Chrysler and thus turn Chrysler back to the private sector 100%, albeit the Italian private sector since Chrysler is now owned by the Italian car company, Fiat.  What Obama conveniently forgot or lied about as well was the 46% Stake the United Auto Workers will still keep in Chrysler, a gift to the UAW by you, the taxpayer…  Will the UAW give anything back to the American Taxpayer to help offset our $1,3000,000,000 loss?  Hold your breath…

This president simply cannot own up to his own failures.  We don’t expect our Presidents to make perfect decisions all of the time but we do expect them to at least be honest with us. 

Unfortunately we continue to elect narcissistic  idealogues who actually believe their own crap.  Obama is a master at parsing words, such as “during my presidency” to skirt between an outright lie and just misleading everyone.  But the latter, when it is as deliberate at the example above, IS NO BETTER THAN AN OUTRIGHT LIE.

If he can’t be honest with us on this one issue, how many other issues is he lying to you, the American Public, about?

RD Pierini

Note:   There are even more lies in his June 4th speech regarding Chrysler.  Read the article below for even more…  I was sick to my stomach just trying to write about the one or two above!



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