Romney “Newts” Himself on Man Made Global Warming–Stick a Fork In Him!

The good news about campaigns is that candidates usually trip themselves up and SAY WHAT THEY BELIEVE. 

Today in New Hampshire, Romney said:

“I believe the world is getting warmer,

and I believe that humans have contributed to that,”

So, in addition to Romney “inventing” the Massachusetts flavor of Obamacare/Socialized Medicine that is bankrupting Massachusetts, he now states unequivocably that he supports the Al Gore global warming scare.  Cap and Trade can’t be far behind as Romney stated that we must “reduce our emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases,” as they “may be significant contributors” to global warming!

Politicians never miss a chance to ignore facts:

  • Global Warming Hypothesis:  Carbon Dioxide concentrations in the protective greenhouse gas strata above the earth increases the earth’s temperature.
    • Fact:  Since this claim was made around 2005, CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) levels in the greenhouse gas strata have increased with global surface and air temperatures actually declining.
    • Fact:  Carbon dioxide comprises less than 4/10,000ths (.00004) of the earth atmosphere and of that amount, a mere 3% is generated by mankind.  (0.0000012).  Do you really think that 4 parts per 10,000 parts of the earth’s greenhouse gases could cause surface warming?
    • Fact:  95% of the greenhouse gas is comprised of WATER VAPOR, aka Humidity!
    • Fact:  The value of greenhouse gases are to trap heat.  Otherwise the earth would be covered with ice…
    • Fact:  The remaining 5% of the greenhouse gases are made up of CO2, methane, nitrous oxide, and other minor gases, including ozone, carbon monoxide, and chlorofluorocarbons.  The “warming” power methane is 21 times that of Carbon Dioxide and nitrous oxide 310 times better at trapping the sun’s heat than Carbon Dioxide.  Carbon Dioxide is actually not very effective when it comes to trapping the sun’s heat and helping to heat the earth.
    • Fact:  Trees and other earthbound plant life “Breathe” in Carbon Dioxide and “Exhale” OXYGEN.  Plants cannot exist without Carbon Dioxide…
      Fact:  Global and National Governments see controlling Carbon emissions via taxes as a panacea to raising enormous amounts of revenue and THE ULTIMATE TOOL IN SOCIAL ENGINEERING. 

For those conservatives who were supporting Romney and Newt, I hope these public outcries by these candidates in support of man-made global warming and the need to control carbon emissions have convinced you to look elsewhere.  Romney is probably a nice guy and looks like everyone’s grandfather.  But, he is not a conservative.  Conservatives do not support socialized medicine nor leftest-progressive programs to stifle free enterprise by hamstringing our energy production and usage.  While Romney and Newt may not be as radical as Obama, they are just a lessor of the evil.  In the end, both will crush freedom and free enterprise…  Just takes longer…

RD Pierini


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