Obama and Congress Should be Forced to Wear Hospital Gowns!

Just how important does the President and the members of Congress think they are?  Do they really believe they are “SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE”?  Do they really think that they are “DOING THE PEOPLE’S BUSINESS”?  What a crock!

They all need to be stripped of their $2,000 suits and be forced to don only a lowly hospital gown complete with the open air rear end!  (no rear camera shots please on C-SPAN)  Maybe then they may feel a little more humble when going about the “People’s Business”!

The next time Obama and Boehner get in front of a TV camera, they may be a little more human wearing their new cotton apparel!  The arrogance and self-important air is getting to be a bit much in light of where we are today as a nation.  Here are just a few examples:

  1. Stealing from Seniors:  Both parties are complicit in withholding Cost of Living Adjustments from our Seniors who paid into this system!  All the while, a one term congress person can “retire” on a cool $15,000/month with a very nice health package!  This is while THE AVERAGE SOCIAL SECURITY PAYMENT RECIPIENTS IS $1,177/Month!  A 4% cost of living adjustment to SSI recipients would amount to a whopping $47/month increase to  $1,225/month!  Remember also that retired SS recipients have to pay between $96 and $110 per month for their Medicare.  No, Medicare is not free!  So the net today for the average retired SS recipient is around $1,077/month net.   By the way, Social Security benefits may be subject to Federal Income taxes depending on your other income sources.  For the sake of argument, let’s assume that there are 38,000,000 people over 65 receiving SS benefits.  Let’s assume that Congress and the President have a weak moment and vote a 4% COLA increase for those people.  The total cost would be around $21.5 Billion.  Sounds like a lot?  OBAMA JUST PROMISED EGYPT AND TUNISIA, WHO DON’T EVEN HAVE REAL GOVERNMENTS IN PLACE, $20 BILLION IN AID! While your grandparents are trying to figure out how they will get by next month, their cost of living increase is being given away to supporters of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.  BRILLIANT!  Maybe the President and the Congress, if they were wearing a hospital gown in the geriatric ward, may feel more compassion towards the very seniors who paid into the SS system for the past 50 years than they do now.  This isn’t all.  1/3 of the current $14.6 Trillion deficit has been “borrowed” from trust accounts like Social Security to pay for the pet projects of the President and Congress.  So, not only have the seniors paid into their own retirement, while not getting a cost of living increase, but they are financing this country’s absolutely insane bunch of politicians and their debt!
  2. Homeowners Becoming Homeless:  Maybe Obama and Boehner might feel a little guilty for being complicit in destroying the entire housing industry and displacing millions of long time home owners if they had to wear a hospital gown and visit those whose homes have been foreclosed upon or who have had to take the short sale route and have lost all of their equity.  Obama, Bush and Clinton, plus the Congresses set up the American Taxpayers by creating a housing bubble based in insane, forced lending practices, backed by Wall Street derivatives that fed a lot of political campaigns, and underwritten by Fannie and Freddie (with taxpayers $$$).   And when the bubble burst, they blamed the average American for their greed while they bailed out their accomplices on Wall Street and in the banking industry.  Humility is actually not enough for this absolutely corrupt behavior and total disregard for the human dignity for those who worked hard to allow these people to run for their positions in our government.  Obama, Bush, Clinton and their Congresses should put on their hospital gowns and be forced to march in day long parades throughout the US while carrying signs apologizing for their utter failure to look out for the best interest of this nation and its people.
  3. Forcing Social Agendas on the People:  Maybe Obama and his wife plus Congress may be a little more humble if they were in hospital gowns when they told us what we should be eating, what we should feed our kids, whether we can go to McDonald’s, whether we should drive an SUV or a Prius, whether we should fee guilty for a non existent global warming hoax, whether we should support teachers’ unions who are failing to teach our youth, whether we should hate this group or love that group, or whether this company is good or this company is bad.  Maybe a little humility might temper their “know it all” attitude” and admit, even for one brief second, that they are not any smarter than we are! 
  4. Taking God out of OUR Country:  Maybe if they had to meet their Maker wearing nothing but a hospital gown, they may be a bit more humble and ashamed for depriving our great country of open expression of faith through public prayer.  Maybe if they had to stand in their gown in public they may want to say a little prayer themselves that they can go back inside and not have to be humiliated!  When you took God out of our Country, what did you replace Him with?  YOU?  God, truly, we need Your help!

Maybe we won’t ever get Obama and the Congress to shed their $2,000 suits and put on hospital gowns but you do have an imagination.  Next time Obama is at the teleprompter, just imagine him standing their delivering his speech in his open back hospital gown.  Bet that would eliminate all those people they usually stage behind him.  When Pelosi, Boehner, Reed and the others in Congress are expounding their platitudes and indignations in front of the capital, just picture them in their hospital gowns

In the end, so to speak, if we all do this, they will all wonder what their audiences are smiling about!!!

RD Pierini



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