“Rhino Watch” – Why Republican Gov. Jon Huntsmen Jr. is the Darling of the LEFT

When the mainstream media treats a Republican Presidential candidate kindly, you can bet that candidate is not a conservative and that the Progressive Left does not fear this candidate.  Jon Huntsmen Jr is just such a candidate.  Time magazine described Huntsmen as the “Candidate Democrats Fear Most”.  Yea right!  Huntsmen is lacking core conservative values and is quick to jump on the bandwagon on popular issues, even left leaning issues.  Here are a few of his WRONG positions:

  • Bought into Global Warming and actually was featured with Schwarzenegger in an ad supporting Global Warming.
  • Supported Cap and Trade.
  • Thinks that Sanctuary Cities/States status are best left up to the local officials.
  • Mushy on Immigration and will support an easy path to immigration for current illegal residents.
  • Former Obama appointed Ambassador to China.
  • Described by the mainstream media as a MODERATE.
  • Thought the Obama Stimulus Spending was TOO SMALL.
  • Supports a Cost/Benefit analysis on whether to engage militarily?

Huntsmen is the perfect candidate for Obama.  Huntsmen would be Obama-Lite and once again, like McCain, Huntsmen would try to out Democrat the Democrats.  He is a social conservative, translated to mean that he has no real core conservative social values.  He is a moderate conservative which is an oxymoron for a liberal republican.  When you knee jerk support issues like global warming it is an indication that the person is incapable of stepping back and saying, does this really make sense?  Jumping on a popular bandwagon only mean the we go down the tubes faster.  True conservatives don’t have to think about their positions nor do they change their positions on core values.  Core Values are Core Values, they are not Relative Values, they are Core Values.  These are not subject to public sentiment nor popular opinion…

It is easy to spot a Conservative.  They are the ones that don’t have to craft their responses to fit the times or the audience.  Their responses define the times…

RD Pierini


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