Obama-What He Says is Meaningless-Watch His Actions-AIPAC Speech Deception

People need to stop listening to Obama altogether and just watch his actions.  He uses words to parse the world and convince his subjects that he is all-knowing, caring, and basically is for everything good and wonderful.  He pontificates about the beauty of just revolts in search of democracy and the justice behind the use of terror to achieve geopolitical goals.  He gave two speeches this week regarding Israel.  One on Thursday that repudiated US foreign policy regarding Israel, its right to lands acquired during the 1967 Six Day War, and pledging more support for the Palestinians and less for Israel.  Two, today at a AIPAC forum, (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), where he expounded on his and the US committment to defend Israel and stand by her through thick and thin.  He back-peddled on the 1967 border comments me made on Thursday where he basically said that Israel had to revert back to the pre 1967 borders as a starting point for negotiations.  Today he “clarified” himself saying that what he meant was that the borders were the starting point of the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.  He basically quoted the Bush 2004-5 positions regarding the 1967 borders which was the United Nations position since UN 232 resolution passed in November of 1967.  The President also condemned all of the Middle Eastern Leaders who have been taken down by their “citizens” but yet said nothing about the abjectly corrupt rulers of the Palestinians.   


  1. Increases aid to all of Israel’s neighboring enemies.  Even those in a state of flux such as Egypt who may very well be falling into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood or Al Qaeda or both.
  2. Sides with the Arab sentiments in the UN against Israel and only offers luke warm support for Israel.
  3. Never truly chides the Palestinians nor withholds funding or other diplomatic goodies from the Palestinians when they actively engage in acts of terrorism against the US.
  4. Gives a speech on Thursday while the Israeli PM is flying to the US where he basically takes the Palestinian negotiation position against Israel and puts our strongest, and maybe only ally left, in the Middle East in an awkward and somewhat embarrassing position.

If you need more proof,  just look at his policies at home and abroad versus his words.  He says he is for a balanced budget and the lowering of the deficit yet proposes more deficit spending then all of his predecessors combined.  He says he is for energy independence at home and more US development of oil and gas while the DOE and the Dept. of Interior stifle permits and other approvals needed to explore or produce oil and gas.  He is for America’s right to choose when it comes to healthcare but pushes and passes step one of a national, single payer healthcare system.  He says he is for freedom of the press except when it comes to their use of the electronic media (SF Chronicle) or covering his campaign events (Boston Globe).  (Since he is constantly campaigning, when else are they going to cover him?) 

This President uses words to obfuscate his true meaning or policies but since he sounds good, he must be telling us the truth.  Right?  Don’t take what he says at face value.  His positions and policies are indefensible so he has to tell you one thing, while doing the other.  Dangerous.

RD Pierini


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