Newt – We get it – We Understand What You Said the First Time!

Newt has spent almost a week trying to tell Limbaugh, Hannity, Greta, and anyone else that will have him on what he did or did not say on last week’s Sunday talk shows.  Newt, we understand your positions:

  1. You think that healthcare is a right.
  2. You think that all Americans should support/pay for healthcare.
  3. You think that Paul Ryan’s budget is too aggressive when it comes to Medicare, even though you would vote for it.
  4. You think that Medicare is a right.

You can keep saying whatever you are saying over and over but it boils down to these 4 points.  Those are fine points and ones that I am sure you could get 100% of the Progressives to back.  heck, even Chuck Schumer liked your comments in the Sunday Show!  But, in your rebuttal to Rush you stated that even Libertarians would support having everyone pay for their own healthcare.  If you were going to elicit Libertarian support, you should have said that “Libertarians would support anyone who wants to buy healthcare or healthcare insurance can do so and should pay for it themselves.”  Libertarians, nor conservatives, would ever support mandated healthcare insurance no matter how you try to paint it. 

Newt, this is obviously your position and you should stand up and try to defend it.  I would have never have voted for you anyway but maybe you can get back some of the people you have alienated.  The thing about a microphone and a TV camera they have a tendency to capture the real person.  If Newt would stand up for what he believes in then at least you could respect him for his conviction.  As it stands now, Newt is trying to convince us that he was “For Mandates before he was Against Mandates”.  Is he related to Lurch? (John Kerry)

Sidenote to Newt:  If you, that have been in Congress for these past decades, would not have mandated, in your typical unfunded mandate fashion, that healthcare providers could not turn away any patient because they could not pay and that the HEALTHCARE PROVIDES HAD TO EAT THESE COSTS, we would not see such an escalation in healthcare costs to those that are insured or medicare patients.  In your example:  if someone earning %75-%150,000 a year came into a clinic and demand treatment and they did not have health insurance, the provider should have the right to demand a credit card or some other collateral to pay for the costs.  Those costs should not be absorbed by the healthcare provider then passed on to us shmucks in the form of increased service fees for those of us with insurance.  In short, quit creating problems that you have to find a solution for later.  Just don’t create it in the first place!

RD Pierini


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