Abandonment of Israel-The Final Obama Nail in Our Coffin

The completion of our Transformation–Welcome to “Obamaland”

If there was any doubt that Obama had even an inkling of support for Israel, Obama laid that to rest yesterday in his historic speech on the Middle East and Israel.  Obama declared that the policy of the United States was to support the realignment of the Israeli borders along Pre-1967 lines.  Oh Really!  Mr. President, you don’t speak for us.  This may be your personal viewpoint but don’t pretend that you have the support of the majority of Americans on this issue.

Then, to rub salt in the wound he had just inflicted on Israel, he praised the Arab Spring and the transformation of previously moderate Arab States into nations controlled by radical Islamist.  Further, he issued no condemnation of the recent terrorists attacks on Israel by Hamas who controls a major segment of Palestinian Government.  Then, Obama gave away more of our money that we do not have to the Arab Nations who are realigning against Israel and the US.

In short, in one speech, Obama gave the radical Islamist surrounding Israel to annihilate Israel at their will.  Obama made it clear that Israel had the right to defend its borders; Not that the United States would be standing by Israel in defense of their borders.  A total reversal of over 60 years of US policy. 

Obama has now “Transformed” the world according to Obama.  Here are some of the other steps he has taken to transform the world.

  • Egypt:  He turned his back on our ally and allowed the Muslim Brotherhood and other radicals to take over this country.  The MB has stated that the Egypt-Israeli peace agreement is void.  We have lost a powerful ally in the Middle East and one that has the largest single population of the Arab World.
  • Tunisia: He turned his back on our ally and allowed the MB and al Qaeda to take over that government.
  • Saudi Arabia:  He ignored their internal issues with radicals and failed to support the Saudis in support of their neighbor, Bahrain.  Obama has forced Saudi to look for others allies other than the US.
  • Libya:  He has meddled in this country and is setting up an opportunity for Al Qaeda to take over this country from Qadhafi if we eventually figure out how to kill him.  This will complete the line from Egypt, through Libya, to Tunisia that will be controlled by radical Islamist.  Algeria and Morocco are next as the radicals move westward across the northern tip of Africa.
  • Iran:  Obama has sat on his hands, intentionally, to allow Iran to become a nuclear power.  You will then have Iran and Pakistan as two radical Islamist nations with nuclear weapons.  Iran sponsors Hezbollah and Hamas ans will arm them with nuclear weapons against Israel and the US when the time comes.
  • Syria:  Obama has encouraged the “democratic” movement inside of Syria by doing nothing.  Assad is no ally of ours but neither will be the MB/Al Qaeda replacement. 
  • Afghanistan:  It is only a matter of time before we pull out and the Taliban retakes Afghanistan.  We have done nothing to truly clean out the radical elements, we have just ushered them across the border into Pakistan where they will out wait us.
  • Europe:  Obama has personally or diplomatically insulted Great Britain, France, Germany, and Italy and has basically ignored the existence of the UN.  Europe has no idea who we are anymore but they are more and more skeptical of our committment to their security and to our committment in any type of NATO operations.
  • Japan:  Obama has shunned Japan continuously since taking office.  The Chinese have been at the White House more times than the Japanese and when was the last real heart-felt speech Obama has given on the plight of this ally in the wake of the Tsunami?

Basically, Obama had a four prong approach to transforming the world:

  • Support unrest in the entire Middle East in the hopes that these nations would be transformed into Islamic Republics, with the goals of eliminating Israel, choking the oil supply, and destroying the west either with nuclear weapons or by choking off their oil supply. 
  • Freeze out our Western Allies by insulting them, treating them like they do not matter, and ignoring any of their economic, foreign policy, or other suggestions.  The goal is to destabilize NATO so it is not an effective external, intra or inter NATO nations defense organization. 
  • Drive our economy into bankruptcy so we were vulnerable economically and could not quickly recover in the event of an outside threat nor fend off our creditors.
  • Isolate Israel so that its Arab neighbors know that the US will not defend Israel and leave Israel vulnerable to attack from all sides.

He has completed the circle.  We have a totally destabilized Middle East.  At least two of our enemies in the Middle East have nuclear capabilities (Pakistan may be our ally to some degree but if they are taken over by the radical elements this will be short-lived).  Our Wester Allies are thoroughly confused by our LEAD FROM BEHIND posture so they have been neutralized.  And finally, Israel is now in a high alert against possible attack that only heightens the possibility of an all out Middle East war.  One that would see Russia and China align with the Arab nations so solidify their hold on the Middle East.  Then…  Bye, Bye oil supply overnight!  Obama and the Chevy Volt win except you still need energy to charge that ridiculous car.

Obama’s dream of an oil free US; a US dominated by others; a US thoroughly humbled as a prior imperialistic nation; and a US that is basically a debtor, begging nation in search of assistance from our enemies.  Welcome to Obamaland…  It is no Disney World.

Some time back I wrote an article questioning whether Obama was merely inexperienced and incompetent or an ideologue.  I am convinced that he is an idealogue with the sole aim of taking this country down to a world position of mediocrity.

Wake up America…

RD Pierini






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