Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad May Set our Oil Supply/Price! What Are We Doing?

     Arguably the biggest nut-job on the face of this earth, rivaled only by Charlie Sheen and Colonel Gaddafi, may be in charge of our gas price destiny!  WOW, THAT IS REALLY GOOD NEWS!  This is due to Iran currently holding the Presidency of OPEC and Ahmadinejad is forcing their normal representative to the back of the bus.  Also, who is going to represent Libya?  Their Oil Minister has left for Tunisia!  Guess he didn’t like us bombing him!  So, the two biggest OPEC political rivals, Saudi Arabia, who is not all the keen on us anymore after Obama snubbed them repeatedly, and Iran are going to square off at the next OPEC conference on June 8th in Vienna.  Any bets on the outcome?  Do you think we will be better off?

     In the absence of any coherent foreign policy by the US, these nut jobs all over the world will dictate our future.  Obama’s “Leading From Behind” policy is seen as inane by those who like us and a great opportunity by those that don’t.  So far the “Arab Spring” has cost us the support of Tunisia, Egypt, the alienation of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and other key middle east nations.  Many are being taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood who Obama’s chief intelligence officer does not see as any real threat! 

     I guess this administration thinks it is safe since none of us can afford the gas to drive to Washington DC and protest!  In fact, with food prices going up so fast, even if we did, we would starve to death after we arrived! 

     It is sad to watch years of hard work, building this country to the point where it could be the protector and benefactor to the world, only to see it ripped apart by idealogues who wish to destroy the greatness of the United States and what it has stood for.  In its wake will emerge such moral giants as Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and an Islamic Egypt.  Welcome to Obama’s new world order….

RD Pierini

Professionalism is Appreciated

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