Geithner Needs to Go: He Needs to Support Spending Cuts–Predicts Another Catastrophe

Geithner said today that he is CERTAIN that

  • another financial catastrophe is on the way
  • that there is no way of reaching agreement on the debt ceiling
  • that an agreement on the debt ceiling would have to include increasing taxes on the wealthy  (If you confiscated every cent made by the wealthy in a given year you could not balance Obama’s proposed 2012 Budget!  Then who do you tax next year?)

He also blamed you for the last financial catastrophe when he said that:

  • “Americans as a group borrowed a huge amount of debt,”

  • ”There was indiscriminate pushing of credit into the fringes of the spectrum.”

You actually had the audacity to defend TARP and say that the final cost to US SUCKERS will be under $100B!

  • You, have committed US to a total of $627,534,603,101 so far
  • The banks have been sent $572,774,106,739 so far
  • They have Repaid so far $258,791,393,531 so far
  • The BANKS STILL OWE WE TAXPAYERS  $313,982,713,208
  • Last time I checked $314B is higher than $100B by a long shot.  Maybe even more than 3 times!  On top of that, those fine financial institutions like Freddie and Fannie are in tip-top shape right?  Yea right!

Hey, JERK, ever hear of:

  • Sub Prime Loans that your progressive buddies forced onto this economy creating the biggest housing bubble and crash in history?
  • Your Wall Street buddies creating derivatives based on sub prime loans that were worthless the day they were signed?
  • Your administration making all institutions “Banks” like American Express, GMAC, Goldman Sachs and others so your buddies could receive TARP funds ands be eligible to receive sweetheart loans from the FED?
  • Freddie and Fannie paying out millions in bonuses to themselves after they cooked the books showing profits when the institutions were really insolvent?
  • Your forcing OUR banks into insolvency so we could not refinance our homes in a timely manner only to “give” OUR banks’ assets to the big Six Banks (Wells, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Chase, and Morgan Stanley, for literally pennies on the dollar?

This is from a guy who is either a thief and a tax evader, my choice, or the biggest dummy in the face of this earth who did not understand the Ex-pat rules for reporting income from overseas employment.  If the Republicans in Congress had a “hair on their collective $@$s”, they would be clamoring for this guys removal.  But then, who would Obama put in as his replacement?  Yes, another spend more than you have progressive.  Would the Republicans in the Senate?  Absolutely not.  McCain would be up saying that these appointments are the right of the President.  IF that is so big John, why did the founders give the Senate the duty to approve of these appointments…?

RD Pierini

Geithner: Another Meltdown is ‘Certain’ — Raising Taxes on the Wealthy Will Come

One thought on “Geithner Needs to Go: He Needs to Support Spending Cuts–Predicts Another Catastrophe”

  1. Geithner is a fool, but we are led by a ship of fools. The country is going to hell in a hand basket and there is no way out of of the impending bankruptcy. Some other fooligan will be better than this ingrate leading us down the road to ruin. Vote these turkeys out and get off the addiction of printing worthless paper that is greatly enhancing the chances of rampant inflation when the banker nations quit borrowing our worthless debt. Romney & Rubio in 2012 will get us out of our economic quagmire and the end to corruption in DC by slashing the budget and eliminating departments that are unconstitutional like the Department of Education, Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency and streamlining the IRS code. This would unleash the economy and lead to billions of savings and a renaissance of growth and prosperity. The responsibility and control would shift back to the States as it rightly should by the authority of the US Constitution. Keeping the pressure on our elected officials instead of on the electorate will shape the future and lead to more opportunities for everyone who qualify.

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