Gingrich Comes out of the Progressive Close

For my friends who I have been telling that the former Speaker Gingrich is not a conservative, listen to his own words from yesterday’s talk shows.

  • Slamming Paul Ryan’s, Tea Party Supported 2012 Budget, Gingrich called Ryan’s plans to save Medicare as social engineering: “I don’t think right-wing social engineering is any more desirable than left-wing social engineering.”
  • Regarding Obamacare’s MANDATORY HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE, Gingrich stated that he supports mandatory health care coverage mandated at the State level.

If there were any doubts that Newt was never a true conservative, this is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Medicare/Paul Ryan’s 2012 Budget/Social Engineering:

Medicare was established when the Social Security Act of 1965 was signed into law on July 30, 1965, by President Lyndon B. Johnson.  THIS WAS THE SOCIAL ENGINEERING LAW ENACTED BY PROGRESSIVES as part of Johnson’s Great Society.  The progressives outnumbered the Republicans in Congress 2:1 so there was no serious opposition.  Today, Medicare/Medicaid equals almost 5% of our GDP.  This is expected to explode to almost 20% by 2084.  THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE SOCIAL SECURITY.  Johnson’s Great Society was the epitome of Social Engineering as it removed the burden of healthcare, ostensibly, from senior citizens and forced them into a national senior’s healthcare system.  Participation in Medicare by Seniors IS NOT OPTIONAL AND IS MANDATORY.  Think not, try to opt out.  Obama and Holder are fighting a lawsuit brought by 3 seniors in October of 2009, who wanted to opt out of Medicare. 

In 1964, Johnson changed the healthcare landscape forever in a massive social engineering scheme.  This law has allowed the Federal Government to set provider reimbursement rates, “regulate” pharmaceutical prices, and set healthcare standards.  In short, it took over healthcare for over 15% of today’s US Citizens.  It also gave the government a chokehold on our healthcare deliver system that has seen its costs spiral out of sight since Medicare and Medicaid was started.

Paul Ryan is trying to reverse some of the negative impacts of this failed social experiment.  Doing nothing is no longer an option.  Bush tried unsuccessfully to get a Republican Congress to deal with the pending bankruptcy of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.  These programs are now insolvent and a serious approach is needed by a serious government.  All Ryan is trying to do is come up with a funding mechanism that will save these programs and ensure that future seniors are not without healthcare.  Current recipients are not touched whatsoever by the Ryan Budget.  So where is the social engineering? 

So, Newt is basically saying that the social engineering caused by the Great Society is good but trying to keep its programs solvent is bad social engineering. 

Newt’s Support of Mandatory Healthcare Coverage:

There is not a single conservative principle that could justify Newt’s position on mandatory healthcare, whether imposed by States or by the Federal Government.  This is the antithesis of liberty and merely a sham to allow the Government to control lifestyles, health choices, and healthcare providers.  He cites auto insurance that is mandatory in most states in order to register a vehicle and obtain a driver’s license.  How’s that working out for you when you are in an auto accident by an illegal alien with a fake drivers license or an illegal alien who has obtained a driver’s license with fake insurance coverage documents.  What happens is that only law-abiding citizens have insurance and we are still at the mercy of those who do not have insurance.  BESIDES, WHO TRULY BELIEVES THAT THE STATE GOVERNMENTS HAVE THE RIGHT TO FORCE US TO BUY AUTO INSURANCE…? 

So, Newt uses one non conservative mandate, mandatory auto insurance, to justify another non conservative mandate, mandatory healthcare insurance.  Newt, how is mandatory healthcare working out in Massachusetts?  We know mandatory auto insurance is a farce. 

The only good news is that maybe this will eliminate Newt as a Republican candidate forever.  Maybe this will keep him off of Hannity.  Maybe, we can get real conservative candidates, who stake their conservatism on principle, to run against Obama.  Obama is already changing his rhetoric to sound conservative as he did in 2008.  This is a farce and we all should know this by know.  What we don’t need is another McCain to run as a Rhino and kill our chances to take back the White House.  

Pawlenty and Daniels are not the final Republican candidates, I hope.   We need to support real, tried and true, conservatives to put their hat in the ring.  Right now Bolton, Palin, and Bachman are the only ones on the side lines that could run a true conservatives.  Maybe there are others but given the animus of the left against these three, these three must be the best candidates… 

 RD Pierini


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