Obama Jokes about Border Security Advocates-Real Fear Is Not Real Funny!


Obama gave an Immigration Campaign speech yesterday in El Paso and said:

Obama:  “Maybe they’ll (you) need a moat.  Maybe they’ll (you) want alligators in the moat”

“They’ll (you) never be satisfied,”

I am glad the President thinks the lack of border security, increasing violence, increasing drug smuggling, increasing human trafficking, and the increasing fear by US citizens who live along the border, is funny and something to joke about.  Is Obama ever going to act Presidential?  It would have to be an act as he has no respect for the office nor the American people. 

He is once again using Hispanic fears to demagogue the Immigration issue as he slipped from approval among Hispanics from 80%+ to around 53%.  Those Americans of Hispanic decent, you only need to ask yourself one question:

Hispanic Question:  Why didn’t Obama and the Democrats pass whatever version of Immigration Reform they wanted when they had TOTAL control over the House, the Senate and the Presidency for two years? 

Hispanic Answer:  They don’t care about you or the immigration issue and only want a wedge issue to make sure you vote for them.  Otherwise, they would have already passed Immigration Reform.  They didn’t even pass the Dream Act in their Lame Duck session of Congress when they still had a lock on Congress.

Immigration Reform has a simple, non-political, solution:

  • Secure the Border:
    • Finish building the border fence.
    • Add 6,000 armed troops to patrol the border until the cartel activity has been stopped totally.
    • Prosecute anyone captured to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Create a Guest Worker Program
    • Allow for applicants to obtain guest worker green cards with one access and one exit for a 6 month period.
      • Must not have a criminal record in the US or Mexico
      • Able to provide suitable health records or be subject to a health review prior to entry
      • Must have proof of Job offer or ability to support themselves during their stay.
  • Modify our Global Immigration policy to include:
    • Create an immigration process whereby an applicant could be granted a 2 year Visa (no need to designate student other type)
      • Create reasonable quotas indexed against our own unemployment rate and population. 
      • Create a process that would take no more than 3-6 months to determine whether the applicant was granted or not granted the Visa.
      • Must not have a criminal record in the US or Mexico 
      • Able to provide suitable health records or be subject to a health review prior to entry
      • Must have proof of Job offer or ability to support themselves during their stay.
    • One the applicant has been in the US for 18 months, they may apply for citizenship providing they have not violated any of the US criminal law
  • Path to Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants Living in the US:
    • Must Register as an alien with 60 days.
    • Must pay a fine of $2,000 per person.
    • Must not have a US Criminal Record
    • Must provide all of the documentation required to obtain a lawful Visa.
    • Must not be receiving public assistance in the form or welfare, unemployment, or other entitlements.
    • Must have paid the fine prior to the issuance of the VISA
  • Non Registered Illegal Aliens:
    • Any Illegal Aliens found in the US after 60 Days who have not applied for a Visa or Guest Worker status shall be incarcerated and be processed immediately for deportation.

Illegal Immigration hurts Hispanic and Non Hispanic US citizens and is a serious drain on our economy.  In some instances, it forces human beings to exist in a sub-human existence.  IT CREATES A CLASS WARFARE PLATFORM THAT IS EXPLOITED BY POLITICIANS, OBAMA!

Hispanics, demand dignity from our politicians and tell them to stop the rhetoric…  Non Hispanics, demand solutions rather than BS from our politicians…

The only Alligators in the Moat are the Politicians in the Septic Moat of Washington DC.

RD Pierini

Sample Immigration Quota Index:  (Global)

US Unemployment % Monthly
Population Rate Allowed Quota
        300,000,000 4% 0.80%                  200,000
        300,000,000 5% 0.70%                  175,000
        300,000,000 6% 0.60%                  150,000
        300,000,000 7% 0.50%                  125,000
        300,000,000 8% 0.40%                  100,000
        300,000,000 9% 0.30%                     75,000
        300,000,000 10% 0.00%                             –  




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