Associated Press Intentional Deception of the American Electorate–Obama’s Approval Ratings

Too bad we do not have any honest Congressmen or Senators that could propose a TRUTH IN POLLING bill.  We have a whole Federal bureaucracy that makes sure that “Cocoa-Puffs ” don’t exaggerate their claims on nutrition, why not have a “nutritional” label on Political Polls?   

Today the AP sent out to all of the willing media hacks such as Yahoo! News,

a poll that was slanted before a single telephone call was made. 

The poll was based on:

  • Criteria:  Had to be an Adult.  Not a registered voter or a registered voter who is likely to vote.  (Boy that is really picking the cream of the crop)
  • Sample Included:
    • 46% Democrat or leaning Democrat (whatever that means)
    • 29% Republican or leaning Republican (whatever that means)
    • 4% Independents (what happened to the other 16% of Independents?)
    • 20% “I Don’t Know”!  (Scary!  Gee, these must be really informed upstanding citizens.
  • Poll Results:
    • 60% Approved of Obama (Doubt that Michelle would give him that high of a rating)
    • 53% Thought Obama deserved Re-election (To what?)
    • 52% approved of Obama’s handling of the economy!  (Really?)
    • 52% approved of Obama’s handling of unemployment?  (I guess that thought he was really good at creating unemployment!) 
    • 54% approved of Obama’s handling of healthcare?  (Ok, this is a joke, right?)
    • And the Cherry on Top:  57% approved of Obama’s handling of Libya!  (NATO thinks he is a zero!

Look for polls with the following criteria:

  • Registered Voters who are likely to vote is the best; at a minimum, registered voters.
  • Sample makeup:  (The following are accurate percentages of party affiliation and the poll should match these percentages)
    • 40% Republican
    • 40% Democrat
    • 20% Independents/Undecided  making up the balance. 

Unfortunately we have succumbed to a political environment where truth in advertising/polling is up for grabs.  Anything goes.  It is soft intimidation of voters by making those with contrary opinions starting to question their own thoughtful opinion.  On the farm we used to all this the “Moo-Cow Mentality”.  Cows will follow the first cow that starts walking no matter where they are going. 

If you see a poll that seems off to you, it is because it probably is!  Look behind the scenes and see who sponsored the poll, the sample make-up, and the questions. 


I hope that knowing you are being manipulated really ticks you off, it should!  Too bad politicians like Obama are afraid to stand on their own record, stated truthfully and completely.

Let’s not keep falling for these politically motivated antics by partisan “news” organizations. 

If a poll does not pass your own smell test, it probably is slanted…

RD Pierini


Professionalism is Appreciated

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