Schwarzenegger Declared UNSTABLE–By his Wife!

Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger told reporters regarding her recent separator from our prior governor that he was becoming more unstable and erratic.  And this is coming from someone in the KENNEDY FAMILY!  Apparently his “ego” was getting in the way of their relationship and was the source of his womanizing and other “erratic” behavior.  WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SOMETHING BEFORE HE WAS ELECTED TWICE? 

Maria, you married a juiced body builder.  Ya think he may be an ego maniac!

Well, looks like Maria and company are now suffering the same malady as Californians.  WE BOTH GOT SCREWED…

Just don’t make the same mistake we made and replace Arnold with something much worse.  Remember, it can always get worse…

RD Pierini

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